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Had my first Caelyx treatment today, not a great introduction to this drug as had a allergic reaction, couldn't breath very scared!! I couldn't fault the chemo nurses or oncologist as it was dealt with very very quickly and efficiently. They stopped treatment to let me recover then tried again for a slower and longer period of time, much much better and got through the treatment ok this time round. Hopefully now I won't get too many side effects but again my oncologist has already given me mouth wash for thrush or any ulcers and also cream for any dry hands and feet. Feeling tired after an eventful day so goodnight ladies wishing you all positive thoughts x

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  • Hi, glad you got sorted quickly and efficiently. Chemo nurses are the best! I've never had Caelyx but many of the ladies have so you will get plenty of support.

    One down, five more to go.

    All the best.

    Ann x

  • Hi - that must have been very scary but like Ann says - chemo nurses are second to none! I've had 3 cycles of caelyx now and I'd recommend using the cream anywhere where clothing sits - I got these red burning changes under both boobs which was delightful - not! !!

    So just slap the cream everywhere!

    Also ice lollies daily to try to keep the thrush at bay!

    Good luck! Xx

  • Thanks for the tip, did you start using the cream as you saw the changes or straight away to try and prevent them? Xx

  • Hi - yep start the cream straight away. Think the mistake I made was not to use it enough and didn't keep myself as cold as apparently you need to be! My oncologist said it's quite unusual for me to react so badly to caelyx as tolerated carboplatinum and taxol pretty well but I guess it just shows how different we are! Think caelyx and I are not destined to be a match made in heaven! Xx

  • Thank you for the advise really helps. We all react differently to these drugs, so I must admit not sure what to expect after such a scary reaction myself. I'm feeling good at the moment so going to be positive!!

    Wishing you well xx

  • Thank you and to you! This forum is a wonderful place to offload and support each other xxx

  • Hi,

    I have just finished a course of Caelyx. I also had a reaction but to the Carboplatin and just like you the nurses were on it and fantastic in their response and support. I did have a sore mouth and took regular Fluconazole and found saline month wash worked for me. Otherwise other then fatigue , feeling off colour for the first week managed well.

    Skin did get quite dry through the summer months but no real problem.

    Good luck with your treatment xx

  • Scary isn't it! Wishing you well to xx

  • Hello,

    I had my first Caelyx on Monday. The infusion went fine and I felt ok till Weds but then I started to feel sick and weak and am still feeling like that today. It felt like the steroids had masked how I was really feeling. I'd responded well to my first carbo/tax chemo last year so have been disappointed with my reaction to this. I'm sure I'll be on the mend soon and at least don't have to go through it again till 4 weeks time.

    I do hope you don't experience the same but what made me feel better last night ( just in case) ... I took a lovely long, soapy bath with candles and soft music, then smothered myself in Cetraben cream, crawled into bed and had a good nights sleep.

    Very best of luck.

    Jane x

  • Sorry to hear you feel so unwell, I was on carbo/taxol and finished that in May this year, I didn't feel great on that for t least a week so was really hoping I wouldn't feel as bad n this regime, fingers crossed. I feel fine at the moment but as you say it's the steroids doing their job, only time will tell I suppose. Thanks for the tip, sounds a lovely way to soak away some of the stress.

    Hope you feel a it better soon xx

  • Hi, I've had 4 lots of carboplatin/caelyx and after the first time when I also had an allergic reaction (I thought my head was going to explode!) I've been pretty much side effect free. The nurses were great with me too, and I have total confidence that they'll deal with any problems. Everyone reacts differently, it seems. Hopefully that will be the only adverse reaction you'll have. Best of luck with it! xx

  • Hi I also had allergic reaction to the 1st dose of caleyx my face looked like a tomato and I couldn't breathe , gave me hydrocortisone and piriton through my line then I was fine , till they put up my carboplatin then I was sick , but had 2nd dose Thursday and I was ok feeling very nauseous today and I've noticed that lasts around 7 days with this combination of chemo , ive have no problems yet with my skin held iced bottles of water during infusion and feet on ice packs , worth a try I thought . Wishing you best wishes with thus treatment seems to be a lot of us on it at the moment . Jue x

  • I will remember that for the next time, ice packs etc. I will try anything once to see if it will help any side effects.

    Wishing you all the best to xx

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