Ovarian Cancer

I am 76 and enjoying my life even with cancer. Yes, I have had 9 side effects and I have been shaky and weepy at times but I keep telling myself only 2 more chemo treatments and then I will be much better. Now I have to start iron treatments and I don't know how that will affect me. I also have a kidney stone that is too large to pass so I have an apt with a urologist next week. Sometime I feel like Job in the Bible.

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  • Hi Beauh . If you don't mind me calling you that for short ! You sound like one brave and determined lady. I just want to wish you all the best. One day at a time as I have learned. You have a lot to deal with but I feel that you will approach each obstacle with courage and practicality . I have no experience with your particular problems so I cannot offer any useful advice but to say I empathise with you


  • Thanks Molly as encouragement is much appreciated.  I am now in remission and very thankful.  Headaches and leg problems seem to be my only problem and you always wonder is this cancer.

  • Hi Beau

    So happy to hear you are in remission. Since we were last in touch I have been told that my lymph nodes are now affected. Not great news. Meeting  oncologist this week so hoping for some positive news such as its treatable ! Onward and upwards for all of us. By the way on yours worries about leg pains I recall my Dr telling me that OC rarely of ever progresses to bone cancer. I now don't worry about achy joints anymore and just put it down to side effects of chemo. However you really should run it all by your med team to be sure. Take care

  • My bones are very achy also

  • Hang in there

  • Or Murphys law, anything that can go wrong will, but in fairness you are one tough lady to cope so well with chemo. We all do weepy and screamy and shaky too no matter what age we are. I shouldnt see the iron being a problem, in addition try and eat greens and take orange juice to help the iron absorb better. I am sorry you also have a kidney stone, I imagine they will leave this until treatment is done unless you are too sore to cope with it. I want to wish you luck for the last two treatments, you are nearly there and well done

  • I have a very supportive husband and family for which I am grateful.  The dr does not want to bother with the kidney stone unless I come in the ER with pain that I can't deal with.

  • Hi Beaulahland

    You carry on being strong,I am in remission from ovarian c and I have meltdowns on a regular basis worrying it may come back and because everyone assumes I'm now ok.The iron treatments may make you constipated,Senna always does the trick with me,but check that it's ok with you.

    I wish you all the best,just deal with one thing at a time and I'm sure all will be good.

    Best wishes xxx

  • Hi Beauh, I think we have all travelled that road in one way or another.   First of all you must be proud to have come this for because it is a long journey.   We get all sorts of things thrown at us during treatment that dont help.  My son lost his twins at 26 weeks.   So we stumble and get back up again.   Dont be to hard on yourself, its okay to get mad and upset but if you are overwhelmed do seek help, hopefully there is a Cancer Support Centre in your Hospital where you can go and talk.  The iron will be okay and just make sure you have plenty of prunes or prune juice.  I am sorry about the kidney stone but when treatment is over that will be sorted too.  Sending you a big hug

  • You are a "Rocking" 76 yr old! I admire your strength- I am 68 and have had ovarian cancer since 2012 - it is a rocky road but I am determined to best it!

  • Wow! You are an inspiration. My mum has just been diagnosed with OC and is 70. We are waiting to see what treatment she will have but know that it will be a long road ahead. Keep up the positive thoughts!

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