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CT Scan

Thank you for your comments and support. Am really concerned about whether the chemo is working this time as am still having to drain the ascites every week then to top it all my drain has started to leak a little through the valve .Am having a bit of a meltdown all my thoughts are being negative at the moment. It's the not knowing what's happening syndrome .Love to all Jeanxx

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Dear Jean

Sending you lots of love and gentle hugs. I'd be just the same with a leaky valve. I'd more than melt down. I think you're amazing.

xx Annie


It must be so difficult with the valve leaking. Can it be changed? Xxx


I am n Clemo second lot third regime and I still get drained every week , it was twice a week before , my guy told me on Monday the Clemo seems to be working , district nurses had told be the fluid is also a proctector for what's going on , who knows , is the leak painful someone mention the drain only last 18 months how long u had it


No it's not painful. Have had drain in since June 2014. Rang my liaison nurse yesterday and waiting for a reply. c


Have you complained about the leaky drain? It's not fair to be uncomfortable when there is so much going on included all the stress of disease. I would be foot stamping, although I'm in a foot stamping mood today anyway. Could you see the GP or ask the district nurse? They were very good when I had treatment.

Sending a bucket load of positivity your way

LA xx

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Yes have complained about it and am awaiting a reply as to what they going to do. Expect they will have to take it out and insert new one. Not a prospect I am looking forward to. Too many other things going on at the moment. Think I might need a G&T to calm me down. Lol Jean x


I wouldnt be familiar with drains, I think the best option is to ring your oncology nurse for advice, it must be uncomfortable for you and anything to make life easier is best


Hi , i am not an expert but maybe if the valve is leaking they can change it. That is really annoying coping with leakage..can you ring the manufacturers up? Keep us posted.


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