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Feeling very confused!

Hello Ladies, hoping you can give some advice please.

Later this month I will be 50. Today I have returned from a gynaecologist appointment after various investigations to get to the bottom of persistent heavy bleeding. In early September I went to see my GP who tried to carry out some internal investigations but I was bleeding too heavily for this to be completed. I was referred urgently to the local hospital where similar tests were performed. I was then booked in for a hysteroscopy which happened around 10 days later. Given the all clear and discharged. After a couple of days I started bleeding heavily and called the hospital as per the guidance I was given and prescribed antibiotics for 7 days.

A week later I was readmitted to hospital due to severe bleeding and severe abdominal pain, then had a ultrasound scan, transvaginal scan and X-Ray because there was a concern that my bowel or womb had been perforated during the hysteroscopy. This appointment found a cyst on my right ovary and a 9mm fibroid at the back of the womb.

I am still bleeding, but the hospital just wanted to put me on some sort of hormone replacement tablets in the hope this will sort it out. Alongside the bleeding I have a swollen tummy, a significant change in toilet habits and feel exhausted as soon as I wake up.

My GP has just arranged a CA125 test and suggested looking into IBS symptoms too. Can I ask if anyone else had a similar experience before diagnosis? Reading some of your posts it seems unlikely to suddenly develop IBS when I have no previous history.

Many thanks,


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Hi, the management that you are having sounds most peculiar. For instance a fibroid will cause heavy bleeding due to causing a hormonal imbalance. You will be tired and exhausted due to becoming anaemic from loss of blood. You can get more information if you google uterine fibroids and heavy blood loss. An ovarian cyst will do the same and that also causes a hormonal imbalance. You can google that too. Then add the hormone replacement tabs to the mix. No wonder you feel bloated. Also constipation is common with an ovarian cyst. Then possibly you could be approaching the menopause, maybe that is why they want to try HRT. Although check that it is okay to take them with an ovarian cyst and a fibroid. You can google medical contra-indications to HRT. Make sure they check your blood for anaemia. When my sister had heavy and frequent heavy bleeding caused by her uterine fibroid she had to have a blood transfusion when her haemoglobin fell to 7.0. These are questions that you could ask your Gynaecologist or GP. Has any one suggested surgical removal of the

fibroid or ovarian cyst? Good Luck and I hope you will get sorted out soon.



Thank you for your response. You have reassured me that I am not going mad!

Had a text from my GP yesterday to say I have an iron deficiency and vitamin B12 deficiency which is hardly surprising.

The gynaecologist said the fibroid would not be causing this amount of blood loss. No offer of removal offered and feel that because I did not jump at their offer of HRT medication I will just have to learn to live with it.

Your advice will help me ask the right questions when I see the GP next week for follow up.

thanks once again,



Hi, that is not a satisfactory option. If I were you I would consider seeking a second opinion from another gynaecologist. It is not right to leave you like this. Also ask your GP if you should consider a second opinion and if he could refer you if necessary. Good Luck.


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