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Water that tastes good!

Two tips - if you're having problems with the taste of your drinking water - Tesco's sparkling water @17p for 2 litres has been my salvation. I can at last drink the quantities I'm supposed to drink. My taste buds are so distorted that tap water tastes truly awful. One other tip - if you have oral thrush, Fluconazole is the only thing I've found to work.

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Thanks for the tip - wish I had some sparkling water right now!


Hi, thanks for the tips, I struggle to drink enough also. Off to Tesco.


Hope I remember this for next time I have treatment. Last time I had treatment a friend brought lunch in and bought me a can of diet coke. Having brought up to almost to believe that fizzy pop was the devil's brew because It was so sugary etc (and denied it to my kids apart from parties and meals out). I drank it only to be polite. That was it! I was hooked! At the time I needed to be at my most healthy, I shoved more chemicals into me. But hey ho who cared? It was fluid!

Tesco sparking water will be cheaper and better for me next time, cheers! X x


Like you my saviour was fizzy water. Strange really as I don't usually drink it! But when your taste buds are all over the place I found it was the only drink I could enjoy. Tea ,coffee,squash,fruit juice ,all tasted awful although pleased to say I can once more enjoy my morning cuppa!


just bought some, lovely with a slice of lemon, thanks for the tip, I was really struggling to find something I actually wanted to drink!




Fizzy water s brilliant ,I'm into fizzy anything now ,even sour jellie sweets! I was drinking a lot of bottled water as we have a water purifier in our house, which uses salt to get rid of lime etc,and it started to raise my cholesterol .Then I was told the supermarket bottled water was just as high is sodium as my tap water,in the end I was told the better option was Evain bottled water,but it is on the expensive side and no fizzy option! I think what ever gives us a taste and calories and enjoyment can't be half bad! Happy Halloween everyone. Xx


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