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Tired all the time

I am a newbie so not sure if I'm even in the right place to post this. Apologies if it is.

I am an 40 year old female. For the past couple months, I have been experiencing all these symptoms, and they are continually worsening:

* Heavy tummy pain especially during my period

*Constant bloating. My stomach feels like I'm pregnant. I even took a test-negative. I feel full most of the time.

* Periods are every 3 weeks and last for 7 days.

* Lower back pain worst during period but still present all the time now.

* Constipation - when I get the urge to go I have to go straight away.

* Extreme exhaustion - I want to sleep during the day and sleep early evening and do not feel rested. It's affecting my life. I work too.

* Urgency to urinate - I will all of a sudden feel the urge to urinate and can barely hold it enough to go to the bathroom. During the night I'm busting to go. This is constant.

I have been to the doctor, and am not pregnant. I had an ultrasound (abdominal, pelvic, and transvaginal), and it was normal.

I have had bloodwork - thyroid & renal - normal .... Ferritin 15%....Folate 5.2 ...... Full blood count 4.4 ..... Haemeglobin 124

I have been given iron tablets. Docs thought as I did it could be fibroids but now scan lady said there was nothing to cause concern I've no idea.

I have suffered miscarriages and recently over the past 5 years had another 2 after having my son who is now 9yrs (fibroids were apparently present after the birth).

What else could this be if not fibroids that would appear normal on the ultrasound?

Thank you for your help - I'm getting desparate.

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It sounds like fibroids to me, the symptoms are definitely ones I had after my 3rd child when fibroids became evident.



Thank you for your reply. Would they not show up in either of the scans though? :-/


Hello and welcome to our little group.

Like Lily-Anne has said, it does seem like you have fibroids especially as you have already been told you have them and they do tend to grow and push on other structures like the bladder and bowel. After the menapause, they tend to shrink.

You may have had an inflammatory marker test called a CA125 done but if it is out of the normal range (0-35) it doesn't mean to say you have Ovarian cancer as other inflammatory conditions like having fibroids can cause this protein marker to elevate. I say Ovarian because I thought you may have come here to get some information and to check whether you might have this.

Fibroids in the posterior region of the uterus tend to be difficult to see on ultrasound so this may still be a possibility. They can cause flooding periods resulting in anaemia hence the tiredness.

I was wondering when you're going to see your gynaecologist to discuss the results of your ultrasound? I do think you need to see the specialist about what's going on so you get a diagnosis and treatment.

Do you think you might be down after the trauma of what you've been through? Xx

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Hello and thank you Tina 😊 I had the bloods done Monday and the scans done Tuesday. I was told it will take 7days for these to reach my GP. So thought I have to wait til then. Not sure what the CA125 is otherwise known as or listed on the blood forms as ? My symptons I thought would be fibroids but with my family history and nothing showing on the scan I'm a little concerned with possible OC? As for being down I was told I had unexplained infertility before having my son and so I count that as a blessing 😊

I forgot to mention last year I also had my gallbladder removed.

Thank you for your replies x


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