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Hi ladies well iv had my first three weeks of docetaxol without to many problems.i was told on Tuesday I would now have a week off which is very nice.but when I left I had to ask myself why I was told last week I needed to come back and get my bloods checked on Friday this week as Monday is a public holiday.this preyed on my mind all evening I couldn't understand why I'd been told two different things.i phoned the unit and asked to speak to the charge nurse who is on the nurse told me the docetaxol comes in three weekly cycles.i did try and contain myself and I told him I was told I was having 18 weeks of docetaxol and nothing about breaks.he said there had obviously been a communication which I replied there had and I thought it was a bloody disgrace.i should have been told this at the beginning of treatment not now.i was really quite upset about it all.why is it people don't want to part with i formation.since my diagnosis last September iv found professionals to be lacking in im formation.sometimes I feel like I'm living in a bloody nightmare and I should just pack it in.regards Carolyn x

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Hi Caroline

As I read your post, I could physically feel your frustration.

This is a bewildering journey sometimes and one of the things to hold onto is the routines so I can see why you are annoyed.

The only thing I'd say is you know now. It's not good to feel stress with this disease. Once it's sunk in, I hope you feel a lot calmer.

When I feel that way, I try to think of three good things about my life and that helps. Xxx


Check check check , three times I had a bed with no one n the building to do a drain , I always double check all arrangements , last week saying goodbye to someone at the hospital . Mind and take your sickness pills I said , u know she hadn't been given them , people are just too busy , also in the two years v attended the beatson I can see cuts , only one girl taking bloods etc , I think if ones on holiday they just make do , don't get too annoyed life's too short x


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