Been waiting for results from my scan and making my self ill thinking the worst, but good news my CA125 is 21 and tumours stationery, so am to carry on with alvastin, on my 30th dose, prof says I can carry on with it till it doesn't work, or I can't cope with the effects! My grandson's birthday this weekend, he is one and I never thought I would ever meet him, but now maybe I will see him get to school!! Have a great weekend ladies, I know I will now, champers out to celebrate both occasions.

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  • This is lovely news to start the day! Xxx

  • Brilliant news. Enjoy the bubbly!!

    Ali x

  • Brilliant news, I am also on Avastin coming up to two years this week. Well the Reg did make noise in August but I stood my ground and she went to the Prof and he said I was staying on it. So it would seem from the nurses on Thurs that I am staying on it until I start to react against it. I know what you mean about your grandson. I was the same I was afraid to love my little guy until nature took over. He is now four and a bit and I dont see him enough as he lives around 120 miles away. So hopefully get to see him next week or week after. He is their only boy as they lost twins at 26weeks,. So have wedding coming up end next April and getting interested in looking at mother of the groom outfits now. Another milestone I thought I wouldnt see. Sending you best wishes and go celebrate

  • It's great to know there are others out there who have been on alvastin even longer than me and still going strong. Do you have any effects, I have terrible pains in my feet, my nails and teeth are constantly chipping, and lots of other niggly things, and of course tiredness, but I'm alive and living quite a normal life.

  • I have runny nose, sore feet ankles and I find runners are a better support. The nails are just horrible, I am not vain and dont do nails really but I have to use nail hardener and the pink vaseline hand cream is about the best I have found. I must go to my gp about the ankles as I read somewhere that you can get tiny fractures from the Avastin so maybe some xrays mightnt go amiss. I have a loose tooth and the dentist said the other day if its uncomfortable I am better off without it and he would like to take it out before I get an abcess, I told him I would have to stop the Avastin and wasnt prepared to do that while it was working. He agrees with me and he said the tooth is going to come out easily so he has no worries about it but will check with my oncologist first. Well god forbid if I had an accident or fell and broke my wrist, surely I would have to be treated not wait four weeks. I went back to work while on it, I shortened my time and retired in May. I feel a lot better now, not as tired. But to get myself out and go walking is an effort.

  • 30 doses, that's good going.

    Congratulations on your fantastic news.

    LA xx

  • Great news! Enjoy the celebrations. Ann xo

  • Gosh and gosh again ! 30th dose ofAvastin ? Wow ! Aren' t you amazing !?

    Perhaps all our days should have a little celebration in them .

    The aches , pains , dental issues , pile up it seems to me , and there is very little we can do to alleviate it all , bar pain relief and a lovely dentist .

    I find the tiredness the worst . Went to a small lunch party and should have gone on to another ' do ' ,but had to come home , weedy . Exasperated at exhaustion . I am on tamoxifen post weekly Cisplatin ...and can only assume that ' s why ...with crunching feet bones etc . BUT , still amazed at everyone's resilience ...Lovely weather , but we now must face the wind and the rain !

  • Brilliant news waiting to hear about my ca125 tomorrow. I am hoping it has kept falling but who knows? Enjoy the champers xxfiona nz

  • Lovely to read your good news- long may it last. :-)

    Love, Solange

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