Swollen tummy

Hi everyone I have had abdominal distension for a number of months now getting worse. At times I feel like I can't breathe though my tummy feels soft enough. I have also had low abdominal pain and shooting pain up inside at times. I would never say it's excruciating pain. I went to go last Friday as I couldn't cope with the uncomfortable feeling after examine me she ordered bloods ( no result as only got them yest) and an ultrasound...I arrived home today to a hospital letter for my scan this Monday... I think this is so quick..I'm a nurse so know what waiting lists are like

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  • Well your gp is looking after you and that is a good thing, I would imagine all avenues are being explored hence the ct scan. You just could be lucky getting a scan so soon, it may be faster now with a gp referral as OC patients dont have scans too often anymore because the consultants think its stresses us that bit more. Your gp is certainly on the ball so all you can do with go with the flow and I do hope everything works out for you, do let us know how you are getting on.

  • Thank-you I definitely will

  • Hi Make sure you have a CA125 test, just to be sure. Good luck with the rest.


  • Hope all goes well. I had similar but with an abdominal mass. Just got diagnosed with massive fibroid today. NHS can do well with something potentially serious like this. I know the worst part was the waiting it was terribly stressful for me & husband. Ultrasound is the best for abdo pain. Keep positive & keep posting for support x

  • NICE guidelines state that if a woman presents to her GP with symptoms such as you describe, a CA125 test should be carried out as well as an USS. This will be an internal USS. Good to know your GP is following these.

    I know bits easily said, but try not to worry too much. I managed to keep working as an NHS medical secretary whilst undergoing tests etc and only went off work when I had to go into hospital for surgery. Of course if you feel you can't work, that's different. I wasn't lifting patients etc.

    The waiting for results is hard, feels like for ever.

    Good luck. Ann x

  • I'm glad to hear they are acting quickly on this. The sooner you get the results the better. You'll know that there are many things it can be but we do tend to fear the worst. Good luck.

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