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OV diagnosed Jan 2014, too late. Had big op with minor stroke. Then 6 sessions of. Carboplatin with hardly any side effects. Left with a small cyst in groin and small nodule on lung.These remained unchanged for 6 months. Then some pain and discomfort started. The cancer had returned with a vengeance.. Caelex and Carboplatin was recommended as treatment to give me at least another 6 months of living. This time I had a severe allergic reaction to the Carboplatin. So am now on Caelyx only every 4 weeks.Now suffering constipation,Laxido not helping. Also mouth ulcers, Cordosyl not helping..Forgotten what a good night sleep is even with sleeping tablets. Away from home at moment, in our Caravan, so cannot see my GP.Any suggestions from someone would be most helpful.Last year I was so optimistic. Now I feel so scared for myself and my family. But trying very hard not to show it. I have been getting some comfort from reading everyone's posts.And realised I am not alone in this.Hugs to you all.

Gill. XX.

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Dear Gill

I'm so sorry to hear what an awful time you've had. It is worth registering at a local GP where you're staying to ask whether there's a more effective mouthwash on prescription. The mouthwash I was given by my hospital isn't available over the counter.

Constipation is just about the pits when you have so much else to deal with. I take a litre bottle of water in to the chemo suite and make sure I drink it whilst I'm there. I've noticed recently there are posters in my hospital about drinking enough. That might help a bit.

There have been posts in the past about constipation so if you search for it you will come up with all the ideas that have been posted previously. One member recommended pears and I have to say that worked for me.

Have you asked for a second opinion? I think it's a positive thing to do when you are given so few options and it does help some people to feel they're explored everything before accepting advice from one centre.

Have your hospital referred you to someone in the palliative care team? I think that's also very important so you can discuss any worries with them and what you want in place to remain comfortable and continue a full life which could well include caravanning if that is important to you.

What is your treatment centre? Do you feel you've been given all the options? It does sound very complex having suffered a stroke as well as dealing with cancer.

Sending you loads of love, a hug and a cup of tea.

I hope you get loads of helpful answers.

xx Annie


I found that flaxseeds or linseeds helped with constipation.

You can put them in a blender/ juicer with fruit etc.

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Hi I have been on this treatment I have been taking prescribed anti fungal meds to help with sore mouth. A friend suggested a mouth wash which can be brought over the counter called difflam. But the best help has been good old fashioned salt mouth rinse I make up myself.


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Sorry to hear about the tough time you have had. Do ask your team about the constipation because they should be able to sort it out for you. Is your constipation caused by the treatment or by your cancer? Mine is due to cancer impinging on my bowel so I have to follow a low fibre diet and take regular laxatives else I would get problems with impaction. Have you tried senna? You can buy that over the counter whilst you are away. I use a combination of senna and Laxido every day and I also take Codanthramer (a very strong prescription laxative) around the days I have my Carboplatin.

Best wishes



So sorry to read how you're feeling, Gill, especially as you're away in your caravan. I think almost everyone on this site can identify with you - I certainly do.

I think the secret with Laxido is to start taking it as soon as you suspect you're getting constipated, not wait until you are. Tinned prunes also help me, as well as drinking more water or squash. My Doctor says it doesn't have to be water- that even extra cups of tea or coffee are helpful as it's the amount of fluid you drink that's crucial. I find keeping a SMALL glass on my kitchen window sill helps me. I then grab a quick drink of water more often. If I put a big one there it tends to put me off bothering. For some reason. Daft, I know.

I don't really have anything to add to what others have said - all good advice.

Hope you feel better physically and mentally soon. The disease puts us on a roller coaster of emotions. Ups and downs. Hopefully you'll have more ups than downs and days when you feel less frightened, which probably, at the moment, you can't imagine having. Find nice things to do and plan a few things to look forward to. Have happy music playing in the house. This helps me when I'm having a bad day. Even having a good old moan on this site can be a good thing.

Hope you soon feel better, constipation wise and mouth ulcer wise. There are some good ulcer treatments that contain an anaesthetic but I can't remember the names now but the Pharmacist could help you.

Sending you love and a hug, Solange. :-)


Hi Gill,sorry your feeling so down at the moment.I too suffer big time from constipation.I was prescribed Movicol by the Onc unit.It works a treat,I make sure to take 1 a day and if that doesn't work you can take up to 8 sachets a day.Also kiwi and pears help and lots of water,and a little walking.

For mouth sores I was prescribed Diflam ,you can get it over the counter.I find rinsing my mouth 4 times a day with salt and lukewarm water a great help.

Don't feel scared Gill,there is nothing in this world that can give you a definite time frame.Our minds tend to imagine the worst case scenario and our psychic,emotional and mental well being suffers.Which impedes our immune system from working properly.Lack of sleep is torture in itself.Im on stille Nacht sleeping tablets and sometimes they work.

What you must remember Hun,is that you have a chronic illness,we all have in this o.c room.You are not "buying time" with the treatment ,your treating your illness, and you got to be stubborn and spiteful with your cancer and don't let it invade your emotions if you can. Xx


Hi Gill, sorry your having a tough time at moment. When on 1st line, I developed a bowel blockage, believe me, you don't want that. I eat prunes now, have them with my weetabix, also Kiwi fruit is good.

I suffered really badly with mouth ulcers. The hospital gave me a mouthwash for this. Report any side effects you experience, as they will be able to help.

All the best. Ann x


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