noisy chemo room neighbors

I'm having my second chemo today and is very sleepy I'm going to be in here for 7-8hours and I've got noisy neighbors here in chemo area, the lady has more family members inside hers and I can't even take a nap they are all talking very loudly, I'm too shy to ask them to lower their tone 😭 why do some people do this, I think it's nice to take a nap while having chemo, yet they are very insensitive, I don't want to sound rude so I couldn't say anything

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  • could you ask the staff to get them to quieten down?

  • I could but they'll probably see as they are in front of me, I might just switch seats next time if I could 😁

  • Id ask the staff if you can be moved. You need your rest and thats so unfair on you. You arent being rude they are. xx

  • if that happens again, next time I will 😁

  • At my last chemo session I had someone next to me that was snorting so loudly that I couldn't sleep!! There wasn't much I could do about that 😜 But it was quite funny πŸ˜ƒ

  • lol I'd deal with snorting, we can't really do much about it but chatting loudly bugs me though, they were in front of me so it's awkward to talk to the nurse about it 😜

  • Sorry I meant to say snoring!! Yes I know it is difficult. I also had a couple opposite me who were watching an I-pad which was really loud, I just put my headphones on, I think they got the message. I thought you were suppose to have a maximum of two visitors?? Anyway i hope it is quieter for you next time and I would recommend the headphones.

    Helen X

  • LOL I really thought he was snorting that was too funny πŸ˜‚

  • That is terrible. I remember a lady and her daughter and two men making so much noise. Nobody could sleep. Which hospital are you in?

  • I used to listen to podcasts or the radio to relax.

  • I used to do the same and have a nap as its a long day, I bet other people had a quiet word with the nurses about the noise they were making.

    Hopefully you will get your nap next time, take care xxx

  • Nobody had said anything, I mean I feel bad for that lady, she is diabetic with an advanced cancer, plus she was crying loudly, and her family was telling funny stories probably to cheer her up,

  • Ah it's not easy is it, I know in the cancer unit I go to they only allow one person to stay and maybe another visitor to pop in for a few minutes, hope you get a bit if rest now you are at home xx

  • In my unit the max is one per patients and no children allowed. I would ask the CNS to ask them nicely to tone it down. Dont be afraid to call your nurse and request this discreetly, best wishes

  • I will do that next time 😁 thank you

  • Oh gosh! I'm probably that annoying person with too many visitors πŸ™ˆ I love my succession of visitors during a chemo session, but normally no more than 2, and I don't think we're a rowdy bunch!

    In my last round, a lady had 3-4 friends visiting her and they were having a party with balloons, a picnic etc to celebrate her last chemo. They were noisy, but I thought it was a nice idea.

    I do feel for you though if you wanted to sleep. That's no good.

  • I have always been quiet so a lot noises bother me, plus I'm a light sleeper too, I might bring earplugs with me next time πŸ˜‚

  • Definitely ear plugs, and maybe an eye mask too - just to make it nice and obvious that you are sleeping πŸ˜„

  • Or trying to!!! :D

  • Noise cancelling ear phones. Bose are very good ones and they work well even if you are not playing music through them. They are expensive but are useful on flights, cutting out engine noise, and noisy people. Also good on trains.

    I also take an eye mask.

  • I had a bunch of hooray Henry's a couple of cubicles from me near Christmas and the morning after my debaulking surgery,someone dropped their child off into the hospital room next to me with whoever was in there for 2 hours childcare!

    I hadn't got the energy both times to kick up a fuss, but take advice from me and say something to the staff,your welfare is the most important thing

    Carole xxx

  • At the cancer center where I go, they limit one "visitor" a patient. If there are more, they take turns. Good way to do it, I think.

    It's too bad some people just don't have consideration for others. Maybe if you mentioned it to one of the staff, they could do something about it. Might be worth a try.

  • What would you say to a patient's visitor next to you objected to your blood transfusion and you had to draw the curtains!!!!!!!?

    I hate being enclosed and it really distressed me but that did not matter.

    It was not on religious grounds-she did not like the sight of blood. I often wonder what would happen if she needed a transfusion or one of hers .

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