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I am 44 years old and in may 2015 I was diagnosed with Ovarian Carcinosarcoma stage 2b and I researched this disease because my doctor wouldn't give me a prognosis now I know why the disease I have is rare..... I had debulking surgery complete hysterectomy and going on my 4th chemo treatment and a week ago I started with the same symptoms I had before diagnosis my question is does these symptoms mean the cancer is growing or is it a possible side effect from chemo? Does anyone else have OCS? I just need to know I can't wait till I see doctor on September 1 because I'm losing sleep over this? Anyone's opinion may help!!!!

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Hi blueanne1870,

Regardless of your type of ovarian cancer I would always seek advise from your CNS if you have one, if your having symptoms or at your next oncology check up. These need to be investigated and you need to be reassured it may be just be effects of chemo.

Hope its just the chemo. Good luck


I've found doctors reluctant to give prognoses and after nearly 5 years living with ovca I know why - we're tending to outlive them because treatment is progressing. New options are being added all the time. So any statistics on survival are our of date. The symptoms you're having may well be chemo-related - you don't say what they are, but I expect you doctor will order a scan for you which will give more information on what's going on. It's not long now till the 1st September. Good luck.

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Hello blueanne1870

I was diagnosed with Ovarian Carcinosarcoma last Wednesday, 6th January. I don't know the stage perhaps because I need chemo first, starts next Wednesday, 13th in an attempt to shrink the tumour to make an operation possible. I wondered how you were getting on and what symptoms you meant you are experiencing.

Kind regards Helen


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