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Ca125 gone up....please advise

Hi ladies, I haven't been on here for a while as was keeping positive for my mum. Her ca125 last year when all this started was 2800. In march it was 15 but today found out it has gone up to 288. They are doing an urgent scan and if they can see where it has gone they will give no her more chemo. If not they will leave it until they can see where it is. Please, please can you help me? Has anyone else had this happen to them? I am scared stiff for my mum. She has looked so well and kept so positive. Thank you. Xx

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Hello please don't worry I am sure you will get many replies reminding you that the CA 125 is not the only indicator for recurrance. I have been to my oncologist today for my 3 monthly check up! For the last 2 1/2 years I have had a scan and bloods every three months. Whilst my CA 125 has gone from 6 to 1600 in that time my disease is stable. We know i will need more chemo but whilst I am fit and well we just keep watching! I am sure the scan will make everything clearer for your mum and the team will help her make an informed decision moving forward. Good luck x


Thank you so much for replying and helping to put my mind at is such a horrible disease. Hope you are okay xxxx


Hi, my CA125 had gone down to 19 following treatment, it started to rise again in Aug 14. A scan confirmed it was back but to date I've needed to treatment. I am enjoying life, have been to Spain and Italy this year and hope to go somewhere else later in the year. I too am on watch and wait, being scanned every 3 months. Try not to worry to much, it is the nature of this disease I am afraid.

Ann xo


Hi. I'm in remission for the 2nd time, after first being diagnosed in November 2011 at stage 3C. I'm fit and well and find it hard to believe that what I've been through isn't just a bad dream. It doesn't seem to be quite the death sentence it used to be as they keep finding new ways to keep us going and to manage this disease. There are women contributing here who've had 5 or 6 lines of chemo.

Don't be afraid. If it is back, she'll need you to be a strong support. Best wishes Pauline.


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