after my wonderful holiday

after my wonderful holiday

Thanks for the advice about my holiday. I went and had a wonderful time. masses and masses of wildlife and flowers. I'm posting one of my favourites, the lizard who lived on the patio - just - he had to wriggle and squeeze himself into the crack that was his home. I'm headed for more chemo now but will have lovely memories and photos to see me through it.

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  • So glad you went on hols and had a fab time also. Think of the OC tumours as the lizard : which wiggles & squeezes into different parts of our bodies and the chemo & treatments is to keep it in the cracks.

    Best of luck with your continued treatments.

    Daisies xxx

  • OH Daisies that reminded me of a Registrar who explained to me one day that OC was like spaghetti clinging to your insides, I am still looking at him, he was foreign a nice man but just as well I dont like spaghetti I felt at the time. I suppose that is a good way to think about it that it is hidden behind various bits of the tummy and I hope the cracks heal over and strangle it,

  • You did the best thing , enjoy every moment, have the Chemo and then more good times. Gillx

  • Love the lizard! So glad you had a great holiday before Chemo. I do that too whenever I can get away beforehand and as soon as I'm well enough afterwards. I'm on 6th line Chemo now and its every 4 Weeks so we're going away for 2 nights in the UK at end of each cycle which helps keep me going! God luck with your treatment

    Francesca x

  • Also I am delighted you had a lovely holiday with plenty of wildlife. I hope you have planned another for when treatment is over nothing like having something to look forward to. Good luck with your treatment

  • Your blue lizard is wonderful. All we got were sandy and green. Hope it's an omen; blue is a healing colour. Where were you? All the best for the looming chemo. You go, sister!!!! Where were you? Hugs Vx

  • hi vipervictoria - Grazalema in Spain - absolutely brilliant for wildlife and we had a walk with a local expert at the beginning so we knew what to look for - go if you like flowers (masses of orchids) birds and reptiles. The mammals were disappointing, just a fox and a brown rat !

  • Thanks. I've never been to that part of Spain and I've never seen a blue lizard. I so hope your treatment goes well. Vx

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