The unlucky one

As I said in my last post I always draw the short straw.on Thursday afternoon I thought my skirt felt really tight so I stood up and I looked as if I was about 6 months pregnant.went to see the dr who thought it was fluid.up to the hospital on Friday for an wasn't fluid.the dr thought the tumour must be leaning on something and was stopping something moving around.then she said she checked my ca 125 on the bloods I had taken the night was up to 1000 I only finished my chemo in to say I feel quite shocked and upset is an it looks like it's back to chemo isn't life a bitch.the baby hasn't been born yet thank god for leggings.regards Carolyn x

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  • So sorry to hear this Carolyn, will they try you on a different chemo this time. Thank goodness for leggings, my favourite attire, Massive hugs, Kerry xx

  • I don't know yet but I would imagine so .carolyn x

  • I'm keeping everything crossed for you xx

  • I am sorry to hear this, you only got a short respite. Hopefully a treatment plan will be devised and that treatment will work better this time around. Its a shock to the system to be told chemo is on the cards again. Could you ask for Avastin with the treatment when you see the oncologist. I wish you well and am really sorry you got the short straw

  • Hi I will ask about avast in iv seen it mentioned a lot on the site.thank you for your kind wishes.carolyn x

  • Sorry to hear your crappy news... On a lighter note my fave leggings are pregnancy ones , sooooo comfortable no waistband cutting in probs, just perfect for us!


  • This is just what I needed to hear. Operation for stage 3 in July last year and 6 sessions of chemo completed and NED. Feeling great I joined an over 50s badminton club 2 weeks ago and fell over and broke both wrists. Getting leggings up and down has been a struggle. I think you have solved a big problem. Only 3 weeks until the casts come off and then I am ready to live life to the full again. No more badminton for me though. I think I'll stick to the gym x

  • Personally I am of the school of thought that sport is bad for you - all Those sports injuries athletes get put me off. Prefer social games you can do with a glass in hand! However I am signed up for the Race For Life next weekend. Maybe I will walk it holding a glass of red wine!!

  • Hi there,

    I have just been in hospital to have a drain put in and they took out 13 litres of ascites. So I know about the expanding waist line. I was diagnosed last February with stage IV had chemo then debulking then more chemo. In January was told it was NED now it's back am having chemo but my consultant does think it will help much. I not ready to lay down and die yet so will keep on fighting. Consultant said I can't have the same chemo because it didn't work. This seems to be a blanket decision if it comes back in less than six months.

    Feel a bit as if I been abandoned. Bloody disease.

    Love Sue

  • So sorry to hear it's being so hard and I hope you can get a treatment that works soon. The medics do seem to lose interest if their skills not achieving the effect they want. I really hope you have good support at home from friends / family.

  • HI Sue, so sorry to hear you have to go back on treatment. To me if you feel abandoned, go get a second opinion. If you got NED once you can achieve this result again with a good treatment and consultant. Wishing you the best

  • Thanks and bless you I'm trying everything I can. X


  • Hi Carolyn. So sorry you are having to go through this again and so soon. I really hope your Onc can get you sorted as soon as possible and ease the discomfort you are suffering.

    Sending love and hugs

    Annette xxx

  • Mine came back within a few months and I felt I had been written off. Seek a secondopinion if you are not happy there are lots of other combinations of drugs out there. I am due to start Rotterdam Regime in a couple of weeks. It is harder to treat platinum resistant oc but there are still options open to us. Good Luck Carolyn.

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