Colostomy reversal

Colostomy reversal

Hi ladies

Just back from appointment with doc regarding reversal of my colostomy bag. Good news it is possible to reverse. However she did outline all the negative reasons not to

Have any of you had s reversal good or bad. I'm two years since my op. O'C stage 4 clear cell. Doing very well since chemo and avastin.

Would really appreciate your advice


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  • Hi Francesca glad you are doing well. I am sorry I cant advise you, but maybe you could get some advice from Macmillan nurses and then make your decision. There is for and against most things but in the end go with your gut feeling

  • Hi Frances

    not sure if this info is any use to you, but my hubby ended up having a colostomy bag after emergency surgery aged 37, for a perforated bowel 7 years ago, 3 months later they reversed it and he's been fine since. The surgeon took one look at his emergency scars and told him it was a mess and he'd tidy it all up and make it look 100% better. He did a great job. The reconnection went well and touch wood due to diverticulitis, it hasn't occurred again yet. They did say if it did it might not be reversible again. Good luck with which ever way you decide to go.


  • Hi Frances

    I had an ileostomy reversed and have never regretted it. It was quite difficult at first, but eventually the reconnected plumbing settled down. Glad to hear you are doing so well since your chemo!


  • Hi. I have had a reversal but have a j pouch as i had to have my rectum and whole bowel removed. I know lots that had resections and temp stomas and most cope very well. Can take a bit of time for everything to settle down xx

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