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Next Op to remove tumour - colostomy here I come!

As expected I am to have another operation in Early December to remove the latest tumour. This is, my surgeon tells me unusual in ovarian cancer as it is often diffuse. This tumour however is very distinct and given that I am very well in myself surgery is the best option before it causes a blockage to the bowel. I shall have the services of the gynae surgeon and a bowel specialist so I will be in good hands. They will use the same scar (very disappointing - my grandsons and I were planning on playing noughts and crosses). Can't say I am looking forward to a colostomy but I hear of loads of people who have got used to it very quickly and it should not rule out the aquarobics! he real bad news this morning was the collision with another car as we entered the hospital grounds. Still my insurers *(Priviledge) are very efficient and the car has already been collected for assessment and repair. I shall refuse the hire car I think as, if they decide it was 50/50 or my fault I could be lumbered with a big bill and I prefer to avoid that.

My real hope is that the op is early not mid December as the latter would prevent me being able to go to my daughter's in London for Xmas and could mean serious inconvenience all round. I shall have to test the reliability of local bus services while I am car less!

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Oh Margaret! Sorry about your car accident - just what you don't need right now. Sounds as if you are coping so well. It is good news that the tumour is distinct - get rid of it and get on with enjoying Xmas.

Very, very best wishes,




You seem very positive about it all and thats good.

Sorry to hear of your "Bump" in the car.

I agree with Isadora, get it out and get on with your life.

Good Luck. x


Oh I do! I shall be calling in favours from all the people I have given lifts to over the years! I will get the car back by 11 Nov (hopefully)


Poor you, Margaret, with the car! It so often happens when we are totally occupied by such important matters --my husband got booked for parking ticket the day I was diagnosed and operated on --in the hospital :-( ..... but, you sound as if you're thinking ahead to enjoying things, getting over the op and getting out and about. There is a lot of support on the Macmillan site that relates to colostomy use, for if and when you need it.

All the best to you

Love, Wendy xx


Thanks for that Wendy! I shall look it up! My daughter in Law's sister is a stoma nurse and has given me a lot of information. In addition my Macmillan liaison nurse has told me I will be contacted by the stoma nurse before the op and then after to help with managing the stoma and bag.

My general health is good so I am hoping for the best!


so sorry about the car.....a stress you could have done without.

Hope op goes should be so proud of sound so wishes....good to get it over and done with before Christmas.


Thanks for all your concern! The car is just a metal box to get me from A to B and money is only money! I was cross more than anything but I was not going very fast and I was not hurt. My insurance will cost more in Feb but I shall be glad to be still here to pay it! LOL! On the plus side I needed a new front bumper! Pity I didn't manage to prang the back bumper at the same time as I need a new back bumper as well!


Remember there is some lovely underwear that is specially designed for those who have had a colostomy - I think the company is Figleaf. Put that on your Xmas list! more interesting than the usual presents I'm sure.

So far as the car is concerned, you'll have to hit them harder next time.

You've got a lot going for you being so brave.

Love Sarah


I am not really too bothered about sexy underwear! M&S big pants a la Bridget Jones are the thing for me. LOL

As for the car I rang the garage that is doing the repairs to get what I thought was some cosmetic work done to the bumper from a slight contretemps with a lampost in my blind spot in July. The garage told me it was more than cosmetic and to make a claim, which I just have and it looks as if, for £200 and loss of 2 years no claims bonus I shall get rid of all the scuffs and dents on the car!


All the best Margaret. My husband could hardly move he was in so much pain with his prolapsed disc waiting for surgery himself during the drive down to Wellington, 4hrs and his stay in the motel while i had my surgery, so I told him to go home and I would fly back. He was in agony. And yet the dates things fell on for me were all good. Surgery on my big sisters birthday, 5th chemo on my daughters birthday and last chemo the day before my birthday. My CA125s have skyrocketed up to 709 since June so I have a scan followup appt with the Oncologist on Thursday which is my best friends birthday. Weird. Oh, I forgot, my recovery nurse post surgery, her name was Aura! Can't get any better than that. I wish you well for your surgery, and even though its a shame about the bump, its only a car and it wasn't you who needs fixing for something else. Regards, Chris.


Hi Chris! You certainly pick auspicious days for your treatment. I have a provisional date for my op. i hope that they stick to it - it is Dec 3rd and I am told that I may be in for 10 days so I should just about be OK to go to my daughter's for Xmas.


Confirmation of op for Dec 5th and preassessment for Nov 24th. All systems go! My GP seems to think, from the correspondence he has had, that I may be lucky and not need the colostomy. I am assuming I will need it and, if I wake up without it will be a bonus.

Now I just need to make sure I have got all my affairs in order so that there are no major complications if anything goes wrong and I do not survive the anaesthetic.

I am the world's worst control freak! I have had a mail merge for all my pension providers, bank accounts and memberships and another for friends and aquaintances ever since I have been on my own so my children do not need to spend weeks trying to sort such things out. My son says when the medical students are practcing their dissection skills on my corpse I am quite likely to sit up and tell them they are not doing it right! Bossy schoolmarm to the last and beyond! LOL!

I seem to have a very black sense of humour!



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