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update on friend:

Sorry for taking so long to post and update.

We went to see the lovely Dr Banerjee last week. It was such a relief so sit across from a positive doctor who was willing to discuss all the options in an open and transparent manner...makes me more angry with the doctor we have to put up with but don't get me started on that lol!!

The plan - after a scan to see progression - would be to have weekly taxol. she discussed possible trials later on this year which she may be eligible for and would be willing to see her again as an NHS patient.

It was actually all so simple and I know my friend doesn't begrudge paying the private fee...but all she wanted was a clear speaking engaged professional. Fortunately that is what she got and she is much happier.

I'll keep you informed xx

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I was really interested to read your posts. I was treated at the Marsden then moved overseas. I'm now trying to get a 2nd opinion at the Marsden but was told they don't often have private payers (everyone has health insurance). I am waiting the verdict. Would you mind telling me roughly what the consultation cost? You could send a private messagse reply, might be better. I have met Susan Banerjee, she is fantastic, SO glad your friend had an encouraging session with her. Best Wishes - Nicola


I also seen Suzanna and yes so lovely.very straight to the point is what i wanted. I had to pay 600 pounds to admin.then two weeks later had a 200 pounds


Apparently they take this fee in case you need any blood results.

I am in the process of getting another appointment .However ,my consultant is referring me under NHS.worth thinking about if you need a 2 nd appointment.Good luck.terrie x


I have been under Dr Banajee for nearly two years she explains everything and always has more options for the future which gives me hope she is a lovely person. The Marsden is a great hospital with wonderful careing staff. Best Wishes x

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I'm so relieved your appointment went well. Thanks so much for keeping us up to date.

My treatment plan is also under Susana Banerjee and I was impressed when we first met to discuss the options I had. She was enormously positive, friendly and helpful. I now see different oncologists at the Marsden. I guess my situation is relatively straightforward but I know she's in the MDT that governs my treatment plan.

I find them all really amazing there - from Professor Martin Gore, the oncologists, nurses and phlebotomists and particularly the reception staff in the MDU on the ground floor. Dinner ladies are also lovely and friendly. Wish they hadn't replaced the hot water flasks and tea bags in the waiting room of the MDU with that nasty drinks machine. Makes it feel like any other hospital - but the service is still the same - top notch.


I'm pleased for your friend. Hope the weekly Taxol works a treat. Ann x


Very pleased for your friend. The Marsden was fantastic to my dear daughter who is doing very well - all clear and next MRI not until December. Gone from 3 monthly scans to (one) six monthly scan to a yearly scan now - unless anything concerns her in between. She had a paediatric consultant at Sutton and was going to have Susie Banerjee when she reached 19, but as her original referral had been to Chelsea and all her ops were there under a particular consultant she was referred back to Chelsea. All I can say is she had excellent care throughout - I can't praise the Marsden enough. xxx

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