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All quiet on the western front !

Firstly thank you all for your responses to my last post. You helped me make a decision to get on that plane to see my Oncologust rather than putting myself through the mental torture of waiting and worrying ! It's so helpful to hear from others what their experiences are and not feel like a hypochondriac.

I'm fine, he is sure it's scar adhesion from the surgery and my bowels were sluggish but he explained everything and I don't have to go back until end April. He is pretty certain that my ca125 will be a good indicator for me as I was trending. Don't fully understand it but one of the responses on my earlier post did mention that so going to trust Prof Jayson and settle myself. It's been a dark place for last two weeks but I feel better now.

Thanks again everyone. The support/advice on here is fantastic xo

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The Prof knows his stuff

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Great news Julie. Now you can rest easy and enjoy that gorgeous wee grandson you now have. You must be the most glamorous grandma I know lol. Ann xo


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