Was just looking though e-mails & postings and saw one on acupuncture had come through. Was reading it, when I came across how it was done, namely " needles into our pelts". Girls, do we need to read something so clinically cold worded - pelts - I ask you?.

The amazing thing, is that acupuncture worked fantastically for in respect of peripheral neuropathy.

Mind you, as I typed my post, my eye just caught sight of my wig on the side of the table!!!!

Hope I am not getting over sensitive.

Love to all,


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  • I have reported it twice now as spam (four times in all) as it is posted twice, perhaps you could report it too Dasies ..

  • I agree, this is obviously spam. I've also reported it.

  • I reported it yesterday too.

  • Daisies - talking of wigs, my Mum keeps hers on a stand and it's called Wiggy. She really hates it and just wears it for church and for choir practice so she didn't frighten the children! She finds it really itchy. But, her hair has grown back now and she is on 2nd line Caelix and hoping her hair will stay put!! I've heard it can get a bit thin but hopefully not drop out altogether!! Jane x

  • Hi Jane - my wig 'overnights' on an old coffee jar - but when I got the first wig it was called Joxer, as my shaved locks/curls looked like my sister's dog. I am only waiting for the weather to get a little more warmer and then back to mother nature's hair and then I can ditch the wig.

    In relation to Caelyx, I haven't been on that one, but I understand that sometimes a person's hair can thin out a little.

    Hope your mother is doing OK.



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