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Following pe's, dvt's, drug induced hepatitus, pneumonia, hysterectomy, bilateral salpingo oophrectory, 6 unit transfusion,septicaemia, pouch of Douglas abcess, taxol anaphylaxis, 6 carboplatin chemo cycles , neuropathy of feet and hands, short term memory depletion, development of diabetes, development of cholesterol problem (was16.3!!!) during chemotherapy, I have just had 18 month check with oncologist , clear ca125 10 and finally got the geneticist to do bracca test, wow I am feeling good !! Now the question is if positive to bracca 1 or 2 what shall I do with my boobs? ,!!

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  • Blooming heck, you have been through the mill. That's like a walking encyclopaedia of medical conditions!

    But after all that, your sense of humour continues.

    If it was a serious question, only you can decide.

    I'm just starting on the road to BRACA testing

    Dawn xx

  • All true and in the past , now to try and find cause so that I can help my family sister, niece and of course my 3 boys and nephew because of connection to prostate, gotta be done, then decide on monitoring or action if I,m carrying those lovely genes. Bra a 1&2 first then if not that then lynch and if not that then soon rad, long way to go! But I quite like my boobs!

  • Hi. It is interesting that you mention the link between ovarian & prostate, as my oncologist was talking to me about this.

    He is to meet a geneticist to talk about the possibility of getting genetic testing done on me. As I have clear cell OC - they are not sure if the link is involved. Do keep me posted on any news you hear about the connection.

    In relation to boobs - as I am 62, couldn't care less about them - just wondering how a skinny rib jumper would look on me!!!! Daisies

  • With you on the thoughts about family, I have a young son and daughter and want to be forarmed.

    As for boobs, blink and you'd miss mine anyway!

  • I'm sure the doctors will advise on what you should do.

    If BRCA 1 or 2 is positive, they can do amazing mastectomy with immediate reconstruction, keeping your skin and nipples, even leaving no visible scars - so you have can have the boobs of a 20 year old. They replace the breast tissue with either implants or your own tissue from elsewhere in the body or both. Having had breast cancer and numerous needles, wires, hole punch thingies, mammograms post surgery (bloody hurts), operations, chemotherapy and radiotherapy to what's left of my boob, the preventative mastectomy and reconstruction would have been a much nicer option.

    Failing that, Tamoxifen can reduce the chance of getting breast cancer if you are BRCA 2 positive to 50% chance of developing breast cancer in a life time from 80-90% chance, and they do monitor you closely. If BR Cancer is picked up early enough it doesn't always need chemo. BRCA 1 cancers tend to be hormone negative, so tamoxifen isn't given.

    They didn't test me for lynch - only ovca and breast cancer in my family (me and my mum), I tested negative to both BRCA 1 and 2.

  • Thanks for the info, I think you could be right, I'm edging towards mastectomy's if braca pos just awaiting results now, always waiting for results, but like the idea of 20 year old boobs!!!

  • Hi. Not sure if you meant the posting to funny - but I loved your last comment.

    Anyway, I know that with lots of side effects & other health issues raising their head when on treatment, to have to face BRAC testing must be daunting.

    So just wanted to wish you best of luck and to say : that if I was a horse or a dog, I would have been put down as an act of kindness!!!!


  • My boobs have also done their job, breast fed all three last one for nearly 3 years, so I think I know what I will do. Will keep you informed on here.x

  • Hi. I tested positive for Brac2. I have mammograms every 18 months decided to keep my boobs and tell everyone Ill have em removed when im 80, and have em reconstructed so Ill look like Dolly Parton when im 80! I decided Id been thru enuf at the mo but i wish u well xx

  • Hi

    I am BRCA 1 - I had a prophlylactic double mastectomy and DIEP (using tummy fat and skin) reconstruction when I found out about my breast cancer risk. As did my sister and my eldest daughter (as they subsequently tested positive). My mother tested positive also and decided against surgery because of her age and just go with screening but unfortunately she has just been diagnosed with breast cancer.

    I also run support group for anyone affected by hereditary breast/ovarian cancer (whether tested or not) - you are welcome to join us or if I can help in any way please ask. Happy to answer any questions.

    Best wishes


  • That's so nice, doesn't seem to be many ovarian cancer patients in my neck of the woods, Welsh borders, where's your support group hang out?

  • We meet in Essex, but I can also provide email/telephone support if Essex is too far to join us for the meetings. My group web page is:

    Also the Royal Marsden have produced an excellent guide to BRCA which outlines the different options for risk management. You can view it online at:

    Best wishes

    Sharon x

  • It's your decision, I don't like gambling for me it would a mastectomy whatever you decide good luck, you have earned it.

  • Ahhhh thanks totty that's nice, think I have made my mind up if I test pos. x

  • Just looked back at this post of mine and realise I didn't even list ovarian cancer!

  • I've just had the blood test for BRAC 1 & 2. Love the previous post about using your tummy fat for reconstruction - there's plenty of it in my case. Seriously though, having Ov Ca is bad enough so hoping to be clear.

  • Good luck but even if positive forewarned is forearmed x

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