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Hi I had the best news ever today my daughter doesn't carry the bracca 1 gene.the relief is enormous it's been a very anxious few months.although she was having positive thoughts about what would happen if she was a carrier I know she was terrified.knowing I don't have to worry about her future years is such a relief.i know she's going to be ok and will lead a hopefully full and happy life.regards carolyn

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That's such wonderful news for you and your daughter x

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Hi Carolyn

That's great news I know what you mean about the relief when it comes back negative at least that's one less thing for you to worry over x


Super news - so pleased for you both, Carolyn.

Love, Solange. :-)


Wonderful news Carolyn! xx Annie


Brilliant news xx Fiona


That's great news. So pleased for you and your daughter. My son tested negative but both my daughters tested positive.

Sharon x


Im sorry to hear that it must be very difficult for you and your daughters.all I can say is I'm so sorry.i know so many decisions have to made and they are not easy I just wish I could say something have your friends here who will all maybe be able to say the right thing.its an awful wishes carolyn


That's ok. Don't let it detract from your good news. Fortunately my girls have been very proactive about their risks. Eldest has had double mastectomy and had baby via PGD (so baby doesn't carry the BRCA mutation) and youngest will have double mastectomy later this year. It is better that they know about it and can make choices based on that knowledge.

Best wishes




Great news


Wonderful news.


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