Early Diagnosis Conference 26/27 March 2015

Early Diagnosis Conference 26/27 March 2015

There's a National Awareness and Early Diagnosis Initiative (NAEDI) research conference coming up in London in March. People affected by cancer can apply for a bursary to join the conference.

You can see the joining details on the following website:


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  • This sounds wonderful and having lived at London speed I feel well up to this. Unfortunately I can't download the application form so hopefully I will get the application in a different format! Thanks for posting. Gio

  • Hi Gio, If you PM me your email address I'll forward the original message I received from Cancer Research UK, and can forward you any forms you need to fill in. xx Annie

  • I got onto the HealthUnlocked site to send you a Private Message but an warning came up that the Connection is not Secure!! You are very savvy with these things, what to do? I ask.

    Confused, Gio

  • Hi Gio

    I've just sent you a PM with my contact details. I'm completely useless at IT. It might be your own computer that has set privacy settings? Hopefully you can mail me now and I'll forward the email from Cancer Research UK. xxx Annie

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