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Another Christmas

Hi all, very happy Christmas and new year.

Can't believe I'm still here and actually looking forward to new year. Been a gruelling year again 3rd line chemo carboplatin and caelex this time. But feeling well again and living for the moment. Love to all on treatment and I have always found the posts inspirational as to how we all cope.

Christine x

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Hi Christine. A Happy New Year,

Just finished Carboplatin and Caelyx 23rd Dec. So I am hoping for some respite!!

The calender is out and there is some space on it for a change. Ha Ha.

Regards Barbara.


All the best Christine. I will be joining you in Janury, 3rd line, same drugs :(

Hope I am still here next year messaging you :)

Happy, healthy 2015 xxxxxxx

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Hi Christine,

Your post gave me much comfort and inspiration. I shall be starting a third line some time in the New Year - same cocktail as you. Let's hope I can live up to your great example. It is a great thing to live for the moment.

Sending love n hugs. xx Annie


All the best for new year. Hope you have many. We appreciate life when we face this terrible disease so make the most of it. Love Carole xx

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Wishing you a good 2015 with lots of positivity going your way. That combo must have been hard but you are here celebrating Xmas and the New Year and I wish you many more of them


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