Christmas Wishes to all

Wishing all of you a happy ,healthy Christmas.

A Christmas devoid of worry yet a Christmas surrounded by love and care.

A new year built on foresight and not hindsight,

A new year where fear will not be our major emotion ,instead the emotion will be one of strength within out thoughts.

A glass of wine is good for you so enjoy a glass or two over the Christmas .

Much love and praise to all for your strength,care and support.xxxx

6 Replies

  • Hear,hear!!


  • What a lovely message Annie!

    Hope you have a fab Christmas and New Year with your family!

    All the best!


  • Many happy returns may your Christmas be filled with joy and peace and may 2017 be a great year for you

  • HI annieH1, you couldn't of put that any nicer, thank you, wishing you a lovely Xmas love Cindyxx

  • You too god bless

  • Happy Christmas to you too Annie and may all our New Years be good ones.


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