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Port site tumour seeding

Hi All. I'm from Australia. But love the site. Full of great info.

I was diagnosed with stage 1a Mucinous Adenocarcinoma (within borderline tumour) that was "cured" with surgery in May. I have now however had a nodule removed from my scar (mini laparotomy was required in my first surgery due to the size of tumour) That nodule was within the fat layer and not down into the muscle, and has been revealed as the same tumour type, most likely seeded.

I have had a PET scan yesterday to check for further disease and am awaiting results and/or treatment. Anyone had any experience with port site seeding/mets?

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Morning Moooooo, Welcome to the site, yes it's great. I don't discuss a lot of my fears at home as I don't want to worry my family so I've found this site really helpful as I can say exactly what I'm feeling. I haven't experienced nodules but I will be interested to see what comments you get. Take care, Kerry x

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I had a mucinous borderline tumour, too, but, fingers crossed, without any carcinoma inside it.

Two things I've read: PET scans don't work as well on mucinous, because they are slower growing and, if you have to have chemo, some oncologists think that the chemo used for bowel cancer works better than the usual ovarian cancer recipe because mucinous carcinoma has a closer link to GI cancer cells. And you don't usually lose your hair with it!

Worth bringing up with your oncologist. Ia is very good. Hope all goes well for you.


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Hi there

Welcome to our site really is awesome.

Poor you going through this so young.

I also had a borderline tumour chopped far as we know nothing else was lurking in there. However I am a member of the Inspire board which is American and has a lot more members. I seem to remember that one or two ladies with non borderline disease who had issues in that area. You might want to put something on this board if you haven't already done so.

I hope you get clarity and is required a treatment plan soon.....take care of yourself

Charlie xxx


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