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I have endo. What now?

Hi there I am now 3days post op.

I was in for a dgnostic lap got a 7cm "suppose dermoid cyst" cam the round from my op 45 mins later and just new I didn't have my cyst removed. Turns out I have endometriosis and they blasted it away. I am in shock ! I can't believe it :( will it affect my fertility? How quickly will it come back? Will the pain be the same? Will sex always be agony? Is there treatment to help?

Just feel like a have been cut opn and left :( with a condition I have heard off but not how it's going to affect me.

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Hi, differpie.

I can understand your confusion. Have you got an appointment set up to see your gynaecologist? He or she should be able to explain the treatment you have had and its likely effects on you, based on what was found at surgery, so if you haven't been given an appointment, do ask for one.

In the meantime, you might find it helpful to read the NHS Choices information on endometriosis, which can be found here: .

There is also an organisation called Endometriosis UK which provides information to sufferers. You can find its web site here: .

I hope that this will be some help, and am glad to hear that at least you do not appear to have ovarian cancer, judging by what you say you have been told - long may this continue!

Best wishes for a healthy and potentially fertile future,


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Yes I agree get a follow up appointment with your gynae team in a few weeks when you have recovered. In the meantime make a list of any questions that come into your head to ask on the day. It is great you dont have cancer but its also upsetting to get a surprise you werent expecting. So recover from the surgery and then ask the questions, wishing you the best


Hi, I agree with Barbara and Suzuki, you need to recover from surgery first. When you have had time for this to sink in you will realise that you are actually very fortunate not yo have ovarian cancer. There are a lot of women with endometreiosis, a few celebs too, and it hasn't affected their fertility.

The surgeon is the one to ask all your questions too but if you can't wait that long and decide to go on the internet, please remember to stick to the NHS website or the endometreiosis.UK one.

I'm sure you will be fine, forget about sex for a while and just concentrate on recovering from surgery for now. You're young and will recover quickly. Big hugs. Ann xo


Thanks for your replies, I have calmed down a lot still very tender think my stiches are infected going to docs tomorrow if I can. I have to lovely boys if it effects me I will just count myself lucky I have my boys. This site has been a god send. Lovely people helping me. Thanks again xxx


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