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Anyone waited over a week for ca125 results?


Hi everyone

Have been having all symptoms since April. Last month I had a ca125 of 98. I had it repeated 8 days ago and still don't have results. My drs secretary said they can take from 10-14 days?!?!? I'm guessing they only push thru the positive results? Did anyone else have results take longer than usual and was still abnormal? Xx

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I would contact your doctor again and get the results chased up. Doctor's receptionists don't know all the medical facts. I used to be one :(. Mine usually take couple of days. 5yrs ago mine was 89 and had all my bits taken away, Borderline therefore no chemo so do try to think positive and pls don't Google x wishing you well, Sheila

I agree with Sheila. Give them a call 8 days is enough for them to be back. Sometimes we just have to take control ourselves in these situations even if that is really hard to do. Wishing you all the best.



LeenieB in reply to TrishLey

I agree with whats been said, please contact your Dr. My results are back within a day or two xx

Hi there

I have often waited two to three weeks for my results.

However the laboratory does the test the day the sample arrives or the following day at the latest. The result goes on the hospital computer and a paper copy is sent to your doctor if the organisation is not paperless. Many doctors seem to wait until the paper copy arrives and this can take several days or weeks. However it can be checked within probably 24 hours.

Do chase it up and good luck xx

HI there - I am shocked to hear that you have to wait so long for ca125 results. My results can be available to me by end of same day, if required. But as there are checked every 3 weeks while on treatment I only ask about every few months.

The reason being is that my levels were never raised very high and are not the best indication of a change in OC status/behaviour/progression, if you know what I mean. But oncologist will have it included in routine blood tests , just in case it does rise rapidly. The disease can change behaviour so quickly.

Follow up with the doctor;s secretary and doctors., or your liaison nurse, for a reply - as waiting is horrible. Best wishes. Daisies

Hi, is CA125 the only test you have had? I had tovwait almost 2 weeks for my results but I was scheduled for MRI scan one week after bloods were taken and the cons had told me he would contact me with results so knowing that the MRI scan had to be reported on etc I was prepared for the wait. Waiting is tough though. Try not to worry too much (I know this is difficult). Let us know how you get on. Ann xo

I'd definitely chase them up. My initial ca125 test took 4 days (I'd never even heard of it then or knew they had ordered it). Since then my tests have been done first thing in the morning and available that same afternoon.

Hi Broshi, my results took two weeks, but both came back normal range I had ca125 and ca19-9 as it turned out they didn't diagnose cancer until 2 weeks after surgery I was told that these tests are only accurate 50% of the time and also they do not show gct cancer only inhibin b does yet in my case that was normal range as well sorry I'm not trying to scare you I just want you to be informed

I would also chase up the results, they have to be done fairly soon after being sent to the lab to get an accurate result. I would ring and pursue it but for diagnosis for me it is not accurate, a ct scan shows if there is trouble ahead. Have you had a ct scan and if you are really worried, I would ask for one, then the 125 can be compared to the scan and treatment plan put in place if necessary/ Wishing you success and a good result

Hi everyone, thank you for your replies! It's 10 days today, so was planning on ringing today but got too busy and was sidetracked. It was the hospital that drew the test. I did have a ca125 taken a year ago when I was diagnosed with ibs, that one did take 10 days to come back but was normal at 9. I've been back and forth with all the symptoms since April. Last month my gp ordered ca125, result of 98 was back on 3rd day so I was referred to gynea. I had a tvu which the dr said looked fine. Was back with him 10 days ago for follow up, I told him I wasn't happy so he agreed to do a retest, he said if it was still reading high he would refer me for ct scan but he had to build a case to justify it!! That's why I'm assuming that the retest has shown a normal level and not been prioritised for return?? If I hear nothing by Monday I will definitely ring drs secretary again!! I just keep getting told they're not back and she will ring me when they are. they took 2 bottles that day, I didn't think to ask what the other one was for. Really appreciate all your replies, thank u :)

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