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No scan results....waiting over 3 weeks

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Had scan over 3 weeks ago and still waiting for results. 4 weeks this Thursday. Anyone else in the U.K having long waits?

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I'm expecting mine on Wednesday, which would be less than 2 weeks, so am hopeful but hope yours are reported soon as the 'scanxiety 'is a challenge isn't it xx

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win_56 in reply to Slipper1

Yes just an anxious time.Normally just under two weeks. Pray you have good results.x

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Slipper1 in reply to win_56

You too xx

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win_56 in reply to Slipper1

Thank you.

Sorry you are having to wait for scan results so long,that is awful. Couldn't you get in touch with your CNS just to check as there must be a reason. 2 weeks is long enough but 4 is not acceptable. What county are you in? x

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win_56 in reply to Caleda4

Hi Caleda , my x CNS nurse said that they have been endated with scans post covid..,.I'm in UK. Birmingham. Even my CNS said it's not acceptable. My oncologist is chasing. X

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Caleda4 in reply to win_56

Well Win, I so hope that you hear shortly, because I know if it were me my mind would be working overtime. So I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you. We are hoping to move to edge of Worcestershire, so I will be under Worcester Royal hospital. I have already contacted the pharmacy there and was told they keep the drug in stock which was good news. Originally we thought Glos, would be where we were going, but this is edge of Glos border. I am worried about changing oncologist, but just have to go for it,.

I wish you luck anyway and hope that you get good news.x

Oh Win, that is an awfully, awfully long time! My heart goes out to you.

I'm going in for a scan on Wednesday to see what's gone on after 18 weekly Taxol treatments and I am bricking it. I'm hopeful in getting my results back less than a week after, I don't think I could bear waiting four.

Keeping everything crossed that the Rubraca is doing its job for you x

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win_56 in reply to Gemmyw

Thank you for your lovely words . I"m .just trying to stay positive and got myself all siched up for the results on Friday and was upset when they said they didn't have them. I hope you get good results too....scan anxiety is so real. X

Call ask where they are. Waiting is the worst

No l don't think that's right l have just got my results last Thursday . I go to Mcr but do think things aren't moving efficiently at the momentI got referred on the 4th Feb for a bowel specialist l have a blocked bowel lm still waiting

It all adds to the stress we all have already. Ring your nurses and tell them your anxious. Sending love & hugs for good results SheilaFxxx

Mine are back within three weeks, odd times they haven't been reported on by the radiologist but my oncologist looks at them and tells me ,he's always said if the radiologist report is different he'll call me ,he's always been right. You could try asking yours to do that.Cheryl x

What did they say when you phoned them up? I guess they must be having problems getting someone qualified to read them.

That's awful, waiting for results is such an anxious time. I agree with others re pushing or ask onc for an interpretation- they should give you the main highlights.I am at cancer hospital now , scan was on a Tuesday, MDT following Tuesday and results at consultation next day - Wednesday so a week- very lucky and an experience you should all be getting.

Hope you get results soon


I didn't get mine so after over three weeks I rang the CNS who gave them to me. Few days later Onc rang and was very apologetic that I hadn't had them - I think I had been forgotten as I shortly after also received a copy of the usual letter my GP! It is such a worrying time so fingers crossed you get them quickly and they are good! I would definitely chase them up. x

I read your post and several replies. If I am scanned in the morning, my oncologist calls with results that afternoon and I can go online via patient portal and read the radiologist’s report the following day. I’m in the US and am almost 70 and am covered by Medicare. I still have to pay $200 for each scan, and that really adds up. 💸 I sure hope you get your results soon. Sashay

Thank you all for your lovely replies. I have chased it up again this morning. My CNS nurse said because I'm in the parb maintenance clinic wasn't really urgent plus they have been a few radiologist dun due to holidays etc. I said it may not be urgent to you but it is to me as this is my first scan since going on the parb since November and when I finished my chemo in September although I'd had good results was not NED so I need to know if they are keeping the nodes stable and if it's working! They have now chased it up as urgent and she said the oncologist also did this Friday. See what happens....

Hi all I have an appointment for Friday now. Fingers crossed.

I wonder if things are slowing up because as covid is receding more people are starting treatment

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win_56 in reply to rosebine

Well one of the CNS nurses said that but the other one said it was non urgent because I was classed as being in the parb maintenance clinic. Well I said I was not happy as was not NED when started in November 7 weeks after chemo and I am brca negative and been off and on due to dose reduction do we don't even know if it's working. My oncologist said along time ago by CA125 marker is not an indicator for me was only 3.74 on recurrence. Any way I'm now going on tomorrow fingers crossed my results should be there. How are you doing? X

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