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I'm sure there are loads of posts about travel insurance, but I'm an idiot and can't find them! I was planning to travel to Canada for a week to go to a concert I booked in February, just before I was diagnosed with OC. I have a letter from my consultant saying that I'm remission and fit to travel, but insurance is still in the high hundreds of ££££, or the company wants even more information from my consultant (given that it took 10 days to get the original letter, I'm not holding out much hope there!). Has anyone ever risked it and just gone with basic insurance, not being covered for pre-existing conditions? There's nothing wrong with me at the moment, I'm not on any medication, but I feel a bit twitchy about it. I also think I deserve a holiday after all the chemo. Any suggestions, anyone?

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  • I've been away a couple of times without covering my cancer diagnosis. No problems so far!


  • Thanks Claire. Which insurance company did you go with and did you get your insurance on line?


  • I just used Sainsburys and excluded cancer. The premiums were a bit silly with it included!! I did get cover earlier this year to go to the US I think I used insurewith? That did include cancer and I paid about £140 two weeks.


  • Insurewith sounds really good value, compared with £1,100 from Orbis!! Thanks so much for responding.


  • I'd have a look at a Eurotunnel single trip policy - it might work. They only ask that, if you have a pre-existing condition, your doctor is aware of your plans and agrees you are fit to travel. This seems like such a gift from Heaven there's bound to be a trap somewhere, but it's a policy I use with my husband. I found it thru' a friend on the breast cancer forums.

    I went to Indonesia a couple of months after finishing chemo, and the premiums I was quoted were enormous. I spoke to a CNS, who said, 'if anything's going to happen, it's going to happen slowly'. In other words, it was extremely unlikely that anything would go wrong on holiday. In the end, I went without insurance for cancer. My then insurance company sent me a letter excluding just about everything. I was fine.

    Having said that, the long flight was a nightmare. If you can, consider an upgrade, or ask the airline for a seat with extra leg room. Walk around often, drink plenty of water, use flight socks and consider a 75 mgm aspirin to protect against DVT. It might be wise to ask for your GP's advice about the flight. Not everyone is OK with even a small dose of aspirin.

    I hope this helps. You are right, you do deserve a holiday. Best wishes, Vx

  • V, that's so useful - thanks. I was planning to,upgrade anyway (pretty much top of my bucket list!) and have already had some great travelling advice from my CNS - she also suggested aspirin (not on an empty tum). Did you ask for a letter from the insurance company, or did they just send it? Did you have to phone them, or did you do it online? Thanks for the Eurotunnel tip. Bet you had a great time in Indonesia!

    Deb x

  • That insurance - with my bank - only worked if you declared pre-existing conditions. I did this verbally and got the letter... Have a great time and enjoy the upgrade!!! Vx

  • I have gone several times with insurance that covers all my preexisting stuff but not the OC. As it is slow to appear on me I felt it was ok. So far so good. But I have been in remission for 4 years so far. Hope ITE ok for you and you manage to go. Xx

  • Thanks for that, Marianna. It's so useful to 'talk' to people in the same boat about this. xx

  • Anytime. Hope it has reassured you. Hope you have a great time. I have a birthday in DEC and we are planning a hols then. Just have fun. That's what life is now about family, happiness, and fun. You gotta laugh when you get dealt what we all have been. Xx

  • You're so right! Hope your birthday is amazing and full of fun. xx

  • I'll let you know in the new year. Xx hope your trip is amazing

  • Have a lovely holiday. Ann xo

  • Thanks, Ann - still working on getting it together xx

  • I have just returned from a European cruise. Mia Online wouldn't cover me for a cruise so I got insurance with Insured With. It was just under £300 compared to £1500 and £1300 as quoted by others. The difference being they put a £500 excess on it if required.

    Hope you get cover and enjoy your trip to Canada

    Love Wendy xx

  • Thanks, Wendy. Will give them a ring xx

  • Two years ago I went to Cyprus without cover for OC, although I declared it, & was fine. I was, as far as I was aware, in remission at the time. The insurance company also wouldn't cover my diabetes, but I didn't expect any problems with that at the time either. Last year, I had a ruptured incisional hernia repaired, & had further tumours found on scan, which the medics have still been unable to get rid of. So when I went to Holland earlier this year, although I felt well apart from having sciatica at the time, I felt I should be covered for everything. I went with MIA, & had a letter from my GP saying I was fit to travel.


  • Hi again,

    My chemo brain is making mistakes (as I'm now on weekly taxol, I'm using that as an excuse). I did not have a ruptured hernia as stated in my post a few minutes ago, it was a strangulated hernia.


  • Hi Di, either kind of hernia sounds horrid AND sciatica - poor you! Have decided to travel without cover for OC, so have spent the morning sorting out insurance (have declared Cancer) and booking my flight and hotel for Vancouver - yay!! Thanks so much for everyone's input - you are all fab and really supportive!

    Deb xx

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