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Hello everyone ....I , like so many read all ,but don't respond much .

Cleaning up tablet whilst in bed....not I'll but tired....

Post profile catch up : in hospital before Xmas (2013)

Rotterdam regimwh

rked ' in that I was drug free for about three months .

2014 brought in weekly taxol which I finished mid June .

Waiting for three months for can 125 and late Nov. Onc .appointment .

It has taken me all of three and a half years to accept that periods on chemo , were , in my case , remission...the gaps are periods in which I get healthy , the cancer likewise , for back it comes just as I am feeling on top !!

I am fortunate in that I am retired...although I have a son at home , and an elderly mum up the road . I am at an age where friends are poorly too , or losing partners to others (!) As well as being bereaved....

But you know , it's life is how it is ....

This is a difficult site because of the loss we encounter....

We read of others in a worse state than our own ...of those , newly diagnosed and in a minefield....

This today , is my update , a reality check of sorts .

Diagnosed in April 2011 ....a lot of chemo ...still here minus a few brain cells .

Hope this reads as a positive' s meant to !!O:-)

Best wishes to all x


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Luv it thank u


Good to hear from you and you do sound very positive. We just have to go with the flow.

Best of luck

Mary xx


Dear Angela

We were diagnosed about the same time and you've certainly had your share of chemo which has been tough. I agree it's difficult to read some posts because there's a lot of sadness with this disease. It's good there's always someone there to respond and hold out a hand of friendship when we're down.

I hope you're feeling OK today. xx Love Annie


Hi Angela I am 70 years young diagnosed high grade 3 serous oc aug. 2012 just waiting to hear my fate on recurrence, and maybe 3rd lot chemo. I found your post very helpful and positive as I , I think pretty much where you are so keep your chin up and lets keep fighting. Love to you Bridie xx


Hi Angela. Yes, its positive, it gives hope to others that we can fight this too. Continue yo keep well. You are so lucky to still have your mum. I lost my mum in 2002 and this last year and a half I have really missed her. Funny how no matter how old you are you still want your mum when your not very well!

Anyway positive vibes. Keep well. Ann xo


Nice you are so upbeat! Hope all goes well for you, its a terrible disease and the chemo is rough but we do what we have to. Good luck xxxx


Yes its a tough old road but we do what we have to do to stay well, Its not always easy to stay positive but we are entitled to our down days too. We have to live in the moment not worry about yesterday or tomorrow. Your post is very uplifting thanks for sharing


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