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Cancer now in lungs


Yep after having Avistan for a few months cancer in lungs aswell as blood clotts and fluid. I was on holiday abroad when symptons got worse. On way home had ambulance waiting as plane landed. Prior to this i had attended gp 5 times complaining of chest pains. Ear aches. Coughing. They kept saying i had a virul infection. So now. Cancer all over lungs. Im on strong pain management. They have a few chemo left to try but not much as im alergic to carboplatn. Im having taxol weekly. Here goes. This is las chance saloon for me. At moment with lungs so bad i carnt do anything for myself. Family have to cook. Wash. Did not expect this. Any info. X

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I am sorry to hear of your predicament and that you became I'll while abroad. Lets hope they find a chemo to suit you and make you feel more comfortable. I hate OC with a passion. Shall be watching your progress and saying a prayer for you. Gillx

Sorry can not help with any information about chemo just finished my first line but I know one of these ladies will have some ideas for you xxx just wanted to send my love xxxAnn


Sorry to hear your news. Thinking of you



Sorry to hear news. Hope all goes well for you. Mine dotted in liver and one nodule on lung but bone in pelvis is growing and as I have come back from hols may need radiotherapy as pain seems worse, but piles are bad now so could be that. Bloody disease!! Not sure what next step is only 7 weeks since last caelyx...take care xx

I'm so sorry you are having such a horrible time at the moment. Don't lose hope, your oncologist may come up with something yet. Take it easy and let everyone look after you whilst you try to get over this hurdle. Love Ann xo

So sorry to hear your news . Hopefully they will get on top of your symptoms soon

Take care


Ally x

you are in my thoughts and prayers x

Hi Marian.

Mine has travelled to my thorax, not quite lungs but up in that area. I just started Etpoiside and Carbo (feeling good. Side effects manageable. About to shave head as hair falling out is driving me mad).

Best of luck with everything .



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