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Hello ladies, well, Monday's scan showed conclusively that the weekly dose-dense taxol-carbo has stopped working, and the tumour(s) are back where they were in September. I did gain some time, but I will have to start a new regime, one without platinum as am clearly resistant. Next week I will start on weekly Topotecan, has anybody had it? Any information on how it worked for you would be very helpful.


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While I can't answer your question, I would be extremely interested as well.

I started this regime, for exactly the same reason last Monday.

Mine is tree weeks on, then one week off and repeat for three cycles.

So far no side effects, I have more bloating and discomfort but I don't think that's the treatment more the disease and its side effects.




Like Sheila, I don't have an answer but like you both fear that my last lot of chemo hasn't worked and my oncologist floated topotecan when I saw her last November.



I have been on topotecan since about July, having it weekly. Prior to this I had been receiving taxol and carboplatin after my hystorectomy. Unfortunately I had a reaction so could not continue on this. Anyway so far so good, after my last scan the cells which had spread to the surface of my liver had stabilised. The hope is that this will continue or indeed the cells will shrink. My oncologist tells me that I can stay on this whilst it is working and I am tolorating it well. I have sometimes felt a little sick but only for a couple of hours but not always. I was having the ice cap treatment which continued for many weeks but just hated it and stopped. Fortunately for me I have no hair loss. So maybe I am one of the lucky ones.

Good luck to you, hope you will be ok with this chemo X


Dear Liz, thank you for your reply, it's encouraging and I hope you keep getting good results.



Thanks and you too X


Hello there,

I have just finished a four month cycle of topetecan. I didn't loose my hair at all and other than nausea which I controlled with two types of anti sickness pills I have been fine. I am a childminder and have contiued to work throughout my treatment and feel totally normal just a little more tired than usual.

My Ca125 does not appear to have dropped but it hasn't got any worse. As I am stage 4 then most of the time that is all I can hope for and reduction would be a bonus.

I have a scan in February then see my onc in march so I will update you how I get on.

It really isn't too bad and I know other people who have had good results from it. Someone also told me that topetecan breaks down the tumor which makes it easier for subsequent chemo's to work well. Not sure if this is true but you never know.

Good luck hugs Jackie xxx


Dear Jackie, thank you for taking the time to write. PLease get in touch once you have the scan results, and good luck with those.



That is very encouraging, good luck and best wishes XXX


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