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Personal independence allowance

Well just a wee rant !! Applied for this allowance in January this year. Eventually got an assessment day for last month but had to re arrange as having treatment . Have not heard anything back after 3 weeks and when I phoned today was told not able to give me another date or let me know when this would be !!

Anyone with a similar dilemma. Mobility really poor due to joint and back pain but on a positive note continuing with avastin and appears to be working . Next scan due in October xx

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They take in total ten months , I was at citizen advice the government did not allow any time targets when decision which is disgracefull . You then hear in around two months if your getting allowance , I got low rate around 50 per week ,make sure you keep telling them haw bad your mobility is , think of your very worse day remind them on every answer , I wear a hearing aid I am going on two hearing aids as Clemo has affected my hearing 2 points for that , 6 points for needing help to get off the chair 8 points what you need in total . Good luck it's you and one other person by the way .


Dear Ally, That's so frustrating. I was staying with a friend in Fife a couple of nights ago and I think her experience was quite different. I wonder if it depends where you live. I really hope you hear from them soon. I get joint and back pain with Avastin - some days worse than others and you really do need those payments if you can't get around.

Hope it's sorted out very soon. xx love Anni


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