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Ultrasound and internal scans clear-what nowπŸ˜”

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Due to all my symptons stated in the 'tired all the time' post I have just called the doctors and told that both scans showed no abnormalities. My doctor also hasn't asked for me to be called back. Would my symptons be inline with those of ovarian cancer and would OC not show up in scans? I'm actually getting worried because all the symptoms seemed to be spot on with fibroids. I don't know what else I should or could do but I cannot go on like this πŸ˜”

I will be greatful for any input and as this is my second post I'm hoping I've not put it in the wrong section?

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Hi Mrsbryan

I'm so sorry to hear that you are feeling so grotty. Whilst it good that scans look OK, I think you should keep going back to your doctor to explain exactly how worried you are and why. If you don't feel that your are being listened to, could you see a different GP in the practice? You said you have had bloods done, did that include a CA125?

You have also been given iron tablets I understand. These can cause gastric upset and do take a long time to work. If your ferritin is low, (15% would seem so although I've never come across it measured like this), ask your GP about an iv infusion of iron. This bypasses the gut and can have a quicker response. From my own experience, I started to feel much better within about 48-72 hrs after infusion ( my ferritin was 2 at that time).

I think the most important thing is that you don't carry on feeling as you like you do without pushing for referral to hospital or second opinion. If it should turn out to be anything serious, which hopefully won't be the case, the earlier it's picked up, the better.

I do hope you can get some answers soon, and that you will soon be feeling much brighter. Please let us know how you get on.

Ali x

Mrsbryan in reply to Alikay

Hi Ali. No I don't think it included a ca125. I asked him due to the symptoms in having I was concerned if nothing was found for fibroids if maybe cancers would be a possible? He said no and looked at me like I was stupid saying that's what the scans were for and if something was wrong it would show there. I did ask if maybe I could see a gyneocologist and he said for what there's nothing wrong. I don't know what to do next πŸ˜”

Alikay in reply to Mrsbryan

Hello again. Like I said earlier, could you see another GP at the surgery? Try a femail one if possible. Insist that you know something is not right, and push for a referral to gynae team at hospital. If the GP still insists that it's not necessary, stress that it is important, if only to put your mind at rest. The other alterative is to turn up at A and E over the weekend, and when they ask why you haven't been to the GP, just say you have and they aren't taking you seriously. Whatever you do, don't just sit back and accept what the GP says unless you are happy with their explanation. Remember that it may be nothing sinister, but also that the average GP sees very few cases of ovarian cancer in their career. The symptoms can so easily be attributed to other conditions, so keep going back and questioning everything. If you keep going back, they will eventually refer you just to get you off their backs (I say that very tongue in cheek).

I do hope you get some answers and respite from feeling so awful very soon.

Do keep us posted. Take care.

Ali x

hello Mrsbryan,

I have been through a similar scenario which may give you some reassurance? I had lower period type pain all the time. Bleeding that lasts 10 days then 7 days off then again for another 10 days. Left sided pain and a sense of fullness and heavy weight in my uterous. Even going over a pothole would cause pain and getting in and out of my car which involves doubling up causes pain. I was sent for a trans vaginal scan which showed a mass which has turned out to be fibroids.

I was wondering if the sonographer told you nothing abnormal was found she/he actually means " nothing sinister" as fibroids are very common and are not cancerous.

The problem we both have is what we are going to do about it?

It has been suggested I have a hystersoscopy to have a look inside my womb and take a biopsy of the endometrial lining. If that is normal then ablation which is when the lining is cauterised which is to stop the womb bleeding. I wonder why they have not suggested some thing like this for you? I think the ultimate treatment for problematic fibroids is a hysterectomy. But there are other treatments available. I would ask for a second opinion as in this day and age we should not be just left to get on with it!

Good luck and look forward to hearing how you get on

I agree that you should go back to your GP. I had full blood screen including CA99 and CA125. All clear. Pelvic and abdominal ultrasound. All clear. Fortunately I have a marvellous GP who was convinced there was something wrong, and she referred me for a CT scan. There it was - stage three ovarian cancer. I think that GP s may not be able to refer direct for a CT scan so you will have to be referred to a hospital consultant first now. Don't give up and if necessary stamp your foot and insist on a second opinion. Nothing is more important than your health. Good luck

Thank you so much for all your comments. I have just got back from seeing a different doctor as mine is on holiday for a week now. he offered me laxitives. The pill. The coil. And depressants and told me it must be my mood that's making me feel all these things. I don't know whether to just give up and cry or be a pest. Feeling really rubbish right now after what he said. I also felt no confidence in him as the way he offered things. As for the pain in the lower back I can't describe it but he said turn around and he whacked my back using his forearm a few times asking if this hurts ??? πŸ˜”

So sorry to hear of lack of understanding of your go practice, it really isn't for gp to brush off your concerns! GP means general practice and not a specialist therefore they should be listening to your concerns, passing you onto gynae consultant who will be able to do tests and explain the implications of the results. It's maybe not as scary as you fear. However it will allow you to know exactly what is going on with your body. Hope you get the referral you are so entitled to and you have the best of outcomes, hugs Carol x

Hi Mrsbryan, I hate that you are going through this but keep pushing for answers! I spent 5 years telling my family doctors, gastroenterologist, gynecologists that I did not feel good. I could not tell them exactly what was wrong but it was finally when things got so bad that the doctor performing my colonoscopy could not get through the exam, sent me to the ER thinking I had a perforated bowel. That's when it was discovered that I had ovarian cancer. Five years is a long time and I didn't know about asking for a CA125, no doctor ever discussed cancer with me up to that point.

Please keep pushing through because eventually you will find a doctor that will truly help you get to the root of your issues. I hope and pray for you that it is not cancer. Please don't let these doctors make you think you are crazy or stupid for asking the questions you are asking. You deserve better than that!



Hi all.Β 

Just thought I would update. I went back again and saw my doctor. I told her how something is definitely wrong and she asked me to provide a stool sample. I have since handed this in and am waiting. I'm hoping she will call for updating me but if not I didn't think to ask when I should call them for the update?? Also not exactly sure what it will show or if she is going down the IBS route. Thing is is doesn't matter what I eat or if I eat my stomach looks like I'm 7-8 months pregnant πŸ˜”

Bridget87 in reply to Mrsbryan

What happened in the end? Are you okay?

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