Is this cancer?

I have been having severe onset on abdominal pain making me collapse and violently sick. Terrible tummy pain for days after. My tummy is so bloated and uncomfortable. Now lower back pain and pain in hips and legs. Internal ultrasound revealed a mass on left ovary 7cm by 4cm.......CA levels at 52........Referred to Rapid Response clinic next week. Ask GP if it could be cancer but they seem reluctant to say too much. Sounds like all the symptoms of Ovarian Cancer but the wait till next week feels like a lifetime?

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  • I am 34 years old.

  • I hope u will hear a good news, however biopsy will confirm it.

    Good luck

    Ana please keep us posted

  • I had my first cancer in my 30's and at 62 years old I am just recovering from ovarian cancer. I know its easy to say but try not to worry until you have something to worry about. Only the results can confirm anything. Hopefully things will work out fine, its surprising how strong we can be. Good Luck xxxxx

  • I had similar symptoms with a sudden onset. In my case, the pain and vomiting was caused by a large ovarian cyst which was twisting my ovary. My cyst was larger than yours and as I had a 36 hour wait for surgery, my ovary continued to tort while waiting. My cyst, ovary and fallopian tube was removed with keyhole surgery and I instantly felt better, and was back to normal within a fortnight. I understand that ovarian cysts can also cause a rise in CA125, although I was never offered this test. I hope there is a simple reason for this for you x

  • Hope its good news! Try not to worry about something that may not happen and stay positive. Good luck xxxxx

  • Hi, Jojo. It's awful, the waiting... It sounds though as if it's all in hand and your referrals are going ahead smoothly. If you want more info, check out our parent site (if you haven't already done) it's Have a look at the Factsheets under ' resources' . There's also a nurse led helpline number for any support you may need. It may not be OC, your experience has similarities to mine and they were very reluctant to say the word cancer. They can't really tell until they operate. It all worked very quickly once I went into the Gynae clinic cycle. Prepare for the 'what-ifs' by getting hospital stuff together in case an op is needed. I found arnica before and after the op helped (it can't harm), mint tea for after the op. I hope it's all ok for you

    All the best

    Love Wendy xx

  • Hi i was recently in hospital having both ovaries and fallopian tubes removed. I am 76 years old and feared cancer. until they look at cyst under microscope their is no way of knowing. i am very lucky mine was benign and think most cysts are 5 to 10 5 chance of anything else but best to remove at my age. the nhs seem to be proactive now and feel sure being your age its a simple cyst the pains you had were the same as i did. hope all ok and try not to worry x

  • Thank you everyone for your kind and supportive comments. I have a wonderful family supporting me but I am finding this site very comforting and am overwhelmed by how supportive people are that have never even met you. It is a lonely journey without people who understand how you feel and have experienced it first hand. I will keep you updated as to how I get on next week. Many thanks all. Xx

  • Scary time for you and we all know exactly how you feel. I threw myself in to my work so I wouldn't be too far behind when I returned and prepared myself for surgery by spring cleaning the flat etc. Lots of people say you shouldn't google but as long as you stick to reputable websites like this one and NHS Direct you will be better informed. Most of all please remember that most ovarian cysts are benign in younger ladies, very common and often go away with no intervention. Sending you love and good wishes and please let us know how you get on. Dawn xxx

  • The wait is horrible. I had TV USS which revealed a large mass on ovary, had CA125 that night and booked for an MRI scan following WK. Waiting for the scan was nerve wrecking, waiting for the cons phonecalls following his MDT MTG once he had results was worse. I tried to keep busy but didn't do any heavy lifting as I didnt want to rupture the cyst. I advise you not to as well.

    Cons are very reluctant to say that it is def cancer, they like to get lots of tests and be certain before they def say and unfortunately it isnt until after surgery that they can say for certain.

    I wish you well. Try to keep yourself busy, even with a hobby but nothing too strenuous whilst waiting. You will have a lot of that to do but hopefully not for too long.

    Keep us informed. Live to you. Ann

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