My Ovacome

I am 28 and I have been having pelvic symptoms for a few months and they are getting worse the last couple months my periods have been

more painful i've had bladder problems for a while frequent urination and sometimes like every ten to twenty mins now I feel like I have to pee and when I go a little comes out and I have been having cramps in the middle of my cycle now for the last couple of weeks on and off everyday it feels like menstrual cramps but not at the same time but its painful I wonder if this could be ovarian cancer and I have no insurance and wonder what I should do to get checked out since I have no money

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Hi! I guess you're not in the UK? With OC, early diagnosis and treatment is key to survival. Have a look on our parent website On there, you will find a symptom tracker where you can record and print out your symptoms. It's called BEAT. It needs investigating, by the sounds of it

All the best

Love Wendy xx


I am sorry that you are having this worry, but it might be something that is easily dealt with, so it is best if you get it checked by your doctor first, if it turns out to be something bad then there might be medical schemes that could help you.

But first you should see what is wrong, as you might be worrying unnecessary about the diagnosis and the financial implications.

Best wishes x G x


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