I’m so confuse, I'm 50 year old, my doctor is stating that a possibility of ovarian cancer. My symptoms are, pelvic lower, frequent bloating & urine, lower back pains, including constipation. My stomach feels so bloated feels like if am three months pregnant. I have done the CA-125 tumor marker and came back normal. However, have to go for ultrasound tomorrow. I don’t know if I should be worried, since the tumor marker were normal?

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  • Hello I'm sorry you have found yourself here and worried about ovarian cancer. You should get more answers tomorrow. It's good news that your CA125 test was normal, but some ovarian cancers, like mine, have normal results. I have everything crossed for you for tomorrow.

    Love Kat xx

  • Hello Katlan, you mention that your test results were normal, how was your OC discovered ?

  • Hi! I'm glad you found us. Your GP probably wants to rule out the possibility of OC as some of your symptoms may indicate that. However, it may be something else entirely. Have a look at our parent website, On there, under the 'resources' heading there are lots of Factsheets, covering everything from symptoms, diagnosis to treatment. I hope it's not OC but if further tests are needed, you'll get lots of support on this site. Good luck tomorrow.

    Love, Wendy xx

  • Try not to worry your ca125 marker good could be many other things, and on the positive side, lots can be done, we are all here if you need us at different stages, so help all the way.

    love Jenny xx

  • Thinking of you m x

  • I hope you will get things sorted soon ... thinking of you love x G x

  • Hello

    I'm 57 years old when I was diagnosed with OC. Currently on chemo. I'm at stage 2. I had a complete hysterectomy on 1-20-14. My cancer was found with a ultra sound due to the cyst rupturing. Stay positive until it's confirmed.

  • Fingers crossed for you for a good outcome.

    Chris x

  • Really hope you get good news after the ultrasound. Got everything crossed for you.

    Annette xxx

  • Hello.. and welcome. You've been given some very good advice here. Like you've been told, the marker is unreliable except for tracking the disease. I don't have a raised marker myself yet I am late stage. The good news for you is that you most probably haven't got Ovarian, but again, like you've been told, you need to just get it all checked out. Those of us who have the disease are very grateful to those doctors who are proactive in the care of women with Ovarian. If it's caught early, there is every chance of a cure. Love to you. T xx

  • Hello sunshineaz, welcome to this friendly and supportive forum. Just wanted to wish you good luck with your ultrasound results.

    Jill xx

  • Just another word of support and set of crossed fingers, as all the above advice is sound. Hope the ultrasound gives the answers ... It might still require a further round of scans after though, so stay resolved through this. They might, if they see something, still need to biopsy or remove, to rule OC out or in. You may have a little marathon ahead -- but hopefully not.


    Sue xxx

  • My ovarian cancer is known as granulosa cell tumor and the typical CA125 doesn't detect it well. People with my type of cancer is best detected with inhibin testing. You seem to have some typical symptoms but as I've seen on webmd, those could be symptoms of many many other things too. Don't worry too much and go see a GYN/ONCologist...Good luck!

  • Hello Sandy,

    Since the five months as I posted my concerns, I finally decided to have an

    (Laparoscopic ice Hysterectomy) right ovarian removal. My doctor called me with unexpected news he received report from pathology they found Granulosa Cell Tumor. He did mention to me it a rare cancer. Now waiting to see oncologist 2 more weeks. Since this is all new to me is there any information about Granulosa you can share with me.

    Thank you, just concern!!!

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