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Just had my third treatment, carbo/taxol. I have oc, peritoneal,and lung cancer. So far not been to bad with symptoms of chemo.My ca125 has


gone down. I asked my oncoligist if after my sixth carbo/taxol, will i be put on Avistan. She said no,as it can cause bowel problems.I havent heard of this.Reading on here and reading the papers, it seems to be working for a lot of people. Now im wondering,if there is an other reason for saying no. is it the cost,or post code lottery, my age im 62.Live in Northamptonshire.And i agree this is a great site.Megxx

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Hi Gwyn, thank you for replying,ive only started chemo,i do get very confused ,how to put things.I should really have faith in my oncoligist, but ive had bad experiences lately, i suppose many on here have.That is why this site is so valuable, thanks again Megxx

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Dear Meg,

We must have been writing at the same time....sorry I think I misunderstood your post (so I have deleted my comment)...

Am I right in thinking you are on the third of first line chemo ? If so you could be a candidate for Avastin but it is not suitable for everyone... but I think you should enquire why you are not suitable, just to get it straight in your mind that you are getting the correct treatment ..don't be afraid to ask questions and write them down first...

Best wishes love x G x

Thanks Gwyn i will do.Meg xx


The criteria is strict for Avastin, our resident expert is Annie. Many places in England are offering it as 2nd line treatment subject to health conditions. It is not a postcode lottery as the funding is held at a national level. However funding in 2014 is under threat.

Hi Meg,

While it is true a number of ladies here have recently gained access to Avastin it should be remembered that the drug is not approved by NICE for NHS treatment regardless of which area you live. Access is possible though through trials or when funding is provided by the Cancer Drugs Fund (for England). As Paul states the criteria is strict even then and only prescribed if an oncologist believes it might prove of benefit to his patient. Bowel perforation is indeed a possible side effect and for this reason my wife Angie, following discussion with her oncologist about her individual circumstances, decided against applying for it. Of course, I support all attempts to persuade NICE to approve Avastin, but I also worry somewhat that the high profile of the drug is leading some women to worry unduly about the quality of their treatment. Carbo/Taxol remains the favoured and recommended combination for first line treatment and many women who have only received that regime have achieved remission and continue to do well. Best wishes to you for a very successful outcome.

Andy x

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Very informative and sensible post Andy. We do not get Avastin in NI and I think sometimes people can imagine that it is a miracle drug! Its good to be level-headed about these things. Ann


Dear Meg,

as Andy has said Avastin can cause bowel problems. It can also increase BP tho' this is treated with the appropriate meds. It also isn't suitable if you are platinum resistant ie need more treatment within 6 months of finishing chemo.

I fall into a couple of these categories therefore not a candidate for the drug.

A lot of patients have had good results and some not so good. Hope you will get the answers you need.

Best wishes

Chris x

Thank you everyone for your replies,its really helped me,Meg xxxx