I have just had ultra sound and they have found a 1cm cyst and 2mm nodule on one of my ovaries. Anyone had same symptoms?

I have an appointment at hospital in 10 days time but am worried sick. My sister died of complications with ovarian cancer but hers was quite advanced and had spread. Can anyone help me with was if it is cancer would having my ovary removed be feasible ?

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  • Try not to worry - easier said than done. If it was cancerous. ( but most cysts aren't ) they could remove your ovary or both .Have they done a blood test yet for ca125 - this is helpful to see if any chance of it being cancerous. So sorry to hear about your sister . You are wise to get this checked out. Good luck with the appointment. Xxx

  • Thanks to both of you for your kind words. I am getting the result of my blood tests on Monday and seeing the gynaecologist on 10th December - does anyone know what questions I should ask.

  • Forgot to mention that I have just turned 70 with no other health problems will that make a difference in any treatment I am offered if required?

  • Hi Millie I know what you are saying about googling I have been on every site possible and have scared myself silly. I am a worrier which has not helped but I do jot know where else to turn. It is so reassuring to have people to tell your worries to and I thank everyone who has answered my question. I will let you all know how I get on.


  • Just had some good news which I would like to share with you - got the result of my CA125 today and it is 14. I still have to see gynacologist in six days time. I know that a low CA125 does not clear me entirely but it has given me a bit of a lift that if there is anything sinister it must be very early stages.

  • Thanks Millie I really appreciate your comment - I had to wait a full week to get results as machine at hospital had broken down - hard to believe in this day and age. The receptionist at my doctors has been great and she chased them up again today and then phoned me back with results. Will see what the gynacologist says next week. Xx

  • Really good news, especially just before Christmas!! I have just received news that I have the BRACA1 gene, after my cousin died 2 weeks ago of ovarian cancer. All unknown to us, quiet a shock before Christmas. I have only found this site an hour ago and have spent the time reading all your posts.

    I have followed your messages and now your good news, Jenny xx

  • Thanks Jenny - it is good if that is the right word - you did the right thing in being tested as you will be aware if any problems arise although hopefully nothing will. I did not know of this test or I would have had it done before. I only found this site a few days ago and it is great to be able to speak to people about your troubles.

  • Just back from the gynacologist and he said he did not know why they brought up the issue as my cyst and nodule are so small and that the blood test was clear. He said that to allay my fears he would give me another appointment for four months and he would do a further scan and a blood test. I go on the 14 th April. I feel that at least he is keeping an eye on it. He also thinks that the occassional bloating could be caused by IBS. Hope everyone is keeping in good health and I wish you all a very Happy Christmas. Thanks to everyone who took the time to answer my queries. I will keep in touch and hope that everyone's issues will soon be resolved.xxx


  • Received another letter saying I had to go for another scan on 28th jan - when I phoned up to ask why they said that as I was a bit upset when I saw the gynacologist he decided to send me for another scan and then I would see him in April. I now have a burning pain in my left outer thigh. - has anyone else had this. I do suffer from arthritis in spine so could this be causing the pain.

  • Jackie, your gynacologist sounds really on the ball, I know its easy for anyone to say 'don't worry' but they really seem to be taking fantastic care of you, could the pain down your leg be sciatica? iv had that and it does run down outside of leg- mine was due to degenerative disc disease and muscle got trapped which in turn tightens round the nerve? Good luck and let us know how you get on xxxxx

  • Janette

    Thank you so much for replying it always helps when someone experiences something similar. My doctor sent me for a colonoscopy on Monday as I had been having stomach pains over the new year glad to say everything was clear and that put my mind at rest over that.now for the next appointment on Tuesday. Thanks again for your reply hope you are keeping well and your disc trouble is under control.


  • Just back from getting another Scan although had not enough water in bladder so had to do a vaginal probe. The doctor told me that they are still there but have not grown and she doesn't think they are anything sinister. Thinks that there is no blood supply to cyst. She has said that they will get me back just to keep an eye on things. They seem to be on the ball and I don't mind how many times I have to go back.

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