My Ovacome

had ca125 of 89 got sent for ultrasound within 2 days,they said something showing up in my pelvis so got to have mri scan next tues

i have lost 9lb in about in about 2 months what do you think it could be,had pain in my side feeling of pressure in my vagina and constant need for toilet,when you wee if feel like you are being stabbed,what can it be.i thought maybe endoemeotris but been on pill 15 years and does endeometris cause weight loss,sorry to ramble on

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Hi Sonya, what does your GP think?


she just said she cant really say and i have to wait for mri scan,but i have got the mri scan within 2 weeks of having ultrasound and i think this is quick as i know people who wait months,she just said something showing up in my pelvis area.i looked up endeometriosis as this is what my mil suggested but i dont really have any of them symptoms and as i had been on the pill so long i thought this unlikely because it said if you have endeometris they sometimes put you on pill.


Hi Sonia, have a look on the Ovacome website at the BEATonline signs and symptoms tracker. You can fill it in and take it to your GP or hospital appointment, it may help them to clarify what investigations you need. I had endometriosis for years, then fibroids the eventually was diagnosed with OC, but it doesn't necessarily follow it's that. At least if you fill in the BEATonline chart, you can rule out OC (hopefully). If the worst comes to the worst though, you will be able to have any investigations done early and that's good

All the best,

Wendy xx


hi wendy,i have had ca125 a ultrasound and also had transvaginal at th same time,the lady who did the ultrasound that to her my ovaries seemed fine,just wondered what other organs were in your pelvis area,that could have the sympotoms that i have my main worry is the weight loss xx thanks for replying



My ovaries were fine on physical exam and looked normal on ultrasound but looked bulky on a CT scan and an MRI showed further abnormalities.

I know its hard but you will have to try and wait for the results of the scan


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