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What is the next procedure with a rising CA125 recurrence, except wait for it to get worse and then have comb chemo again?

Diagnosed 3c sept 11 started on carboplatin and paclitaxel

Adverse reaction to paclitaxel continued on small dose of carbo

After total of 4 chemo debulked in May 12

2 more chemo of carbo

CT Aug 12 NED

Feb 13 CA125 rising prescribed letrozole 2.5 mg / day by onc CA125 plateaus then falls!

Dec 13 CA125 rising again

Present day still rising still taking letrozole

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Hi indigo-Blue,

Sorry you have a recurrence, I would think that because you have had a reaction to taxol that the next combination chemo would be Carboplatin and Gemcitabine as it is your first recurrence you would qualify for Avastin as well...so...


Hi, it looks like the first line treatment worked quite well, the letrozole is similar to tamoxifen whereby it is given to slow things down and this seems to have worked. It would normaly be standard practice to repeat the 1st line after a decent...


You can also ask about Abraxane instead of Taxol. Often the allergies are not related to the drug, but the other components in taxol that are related to drug delivery. Abraxane is the same basic drug, but often very tolerable. Worked...


You don't say what your CA125 level is. Maybe the rise could be for other reasons? Are they considering another scan?

Eileen xx


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