GcMaf - Immunotherapy Cancer Cure - WITH THE LINK NOW!


I was recently referred to a lady who was the first trial participant for GcMaf, a human protein (she had Ovarian Cancer). She was given a terminal diagnosis and is now in remission. Read all the information as it is extremely interesting and works out at £82.50 a month! (If my Maths is correct). Not a very high price to pay for a potential cure!


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  • scienceblog.cancerresearchu...

    Hi thank you for the information this is a link to cancer research uk

  • Well done Gwyn, just shows any hype has to be double checked. Xxh

  • When a claim is made to be a cure for everything.. It is always too good to be true xx

  • Thank you for this link. Any further info I can get on this subject is very much appreciated.

  • Thank you a Gwyn ... T x x

  • I wrote about this in my blog

  • Haha Sue...very good (I just read it) you are sooo funny well done. :-D

    love x G x :-)

  • It was too good to be true, sadly. Thanks, Gwyn.

    Eileen xx

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