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Has any one been given Letrozole to slow down hormone receptive tumors? I saw my onc. yesterday and was told to take Letrozole also because I seem to have a mass that has been called a cist I have been bleeding for 4 months now they are going to give me 5 days of targeted radiotheraphy to shrink it back and hopefully stop the bleeding has any one else had this?

Much Love to all Jenny xxx

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I know of several women who have taken letrozole with good results. Hope the radiotherapy works quickly and well. Vxxx

Yes I have just looked it up seems really good thanks.xx

Hi Jenny

Nothing to add on this- but were you at St.Michaels yesterday? I had an appointment yesterday afternoon too and seeing your photo - I have a feeling you may have been sitting opposite me? I really wish they would do something about the temp in that waiting room, I am sure the NHS could save a fortune if they just turned the heating off!!

Hope the new treatment helps.


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jennybutler in reply to Pimkin81

Gosh yes I was so hot even with windows open, waste of money, wish you had said hello were you on your own? or on back chairs facing reception? my appointment was 3 30 pm did not go in till 5.30pm so annoying I had to get cover at work speak soon call in to my gallery and make yourself known Art Original top of Union Street any time ( out Tuesday and Thursday)

Hope you got ok news love Jenny xxx

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Pimkin81 in reply to jennybutler

I was with my husband - he was getting very annoyed about the delay! Mine was 3.25 but went in at 5.15! Crazy. Next time I m in town will be sure to call in! Happily good news for me- my consultant was almost as happy as me she said its so nice to see you and not be giving you bad news!


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jennybutler in reply to Pimkin81

Thats great news well done, they are all so lovely at St. Michaels and the the oncology dept. still hate going though. Love Katy Jane and Julia Macmillon nurses.xx

Hi, Sandra was given Tamoxifen instead of Letrozole with good results. She was taken off chemo in Aug last year to start hormone treatment.They say with both treatments that the main side effect are hot flushes but Sandra has nothing more than occasional rosie cheeks. Her first scan 3 mths later (Nov) showed stable disease, her last one a couple of weeks ago has shown some stable, some progression but very slight. The difference between Letrozole and Tamoxifen is that unlike Letrozole, the body still produces the oestregen but the receptors in the tumours are switched off. Love Paul xx

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Thanks Paul very good to hear love to Sandra xx

Hi, my wife had Letrozole but the side effects (for her) meant we stopped after 7 weeks, and then a later blood test indicated that it wasnt helping anyway. Obviously for some it is of great help.

We were unsure of my wifes ER status (nor would Onc test) and i am not sure that if someone is ER positive - it is more likely to help, at the time our Onc said that is the case for say breast cancer, but not so tried and tested for OC. The good thing (if it works/helps) is it is such an easy regime to take i.e a tablet a day which doesnt interfere with life at all.

Good luck anyway.

Oh thanks for that my ov is hormone receptive so should work hope all well with you.

love Jenny

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Meryl1 in reply to jennybutler

Hi. My tumours (3 recurrences over 7 years, with remission in between) have been oestrogen receptive, so my onc prescribed letrozole since I ended my last chemo in early September 2013. I've been in remission since, with few side affects except hair thinning and a little weight gain. Hope you get good results, love Merylx

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jennybutler in reply to Meryl1

Thanks Meryl I finished chemo. in July and only 4 months but hope letrozole will slow down xxx

Hi Jenny just wanting to ask you if your bleeding is vaginal, this is my third bout of bleeding, and my last ct scan unchanged so I have been referred back to my gynaecoligist.

Yes it is vaginal ( just like having an on going period ) They said could be a cist or cancer but having radiotherapy at the moment to try and shrink it and stop the bleeding the mass is at the top of the vagina easily seen on internal scan, any way Btte best of luck at your gynaecologist.

Love Jenny xxx

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