Hi, my wife is having Letrozole for which is effectively her 5th line treatment. She has only been having it for 2 weeks so no idea at all if it is, or will, do her any good.

I know there is some historic info on the site about people that have had it, i just wonder if anyone can update and good or not so good results from it, and how long it took to get good (if that was the outcome) results.

I was also thinking that as this is designed to 'hold the progress' of OC, then i wonder why it isnt given after normal chemo just to help to delay matters....

Any recent letrozole updates would be appreciated. Thanks

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  • Hi! I hope things are not too bad at the moment. If you click on the blogs tab at the top of the page, then type in letrozole in the search box at the top right, you will find all the old posts. Hope you find something useful there.

    All the best,

    Wendy xx

  • Yeah thnaks - i had seen the historic, i was hoping that those that had written in historically may update to now so that we know how they have been getting on.

  • I do not understand why the oncologists do not prescribe Letrozole or Tamoxifen to everyone after a course of chemo as a maintenance regimen. I appreciate its an hormonal drug and not chemo but many of my friends who endured breast cancer had tamoxifen for a 5 yr period to keep their cancer at bay. Surely it makes sense to do the same and perhaps for a percentage of women it offers a period of remission longer than experienced. I just think some oncologists dismiss new ideas or concepts because its outside the norm. Good luck on getting the answers you seek as I am also keen to see your response. Rgds Paul

  • Cheers

  • Hi, I'm stage 3C diagnosed 3 years ago. After 2 years of chemo and Avastin failed to put me into remission, the last line of treatment for me was either a First Phase trial or Letrozole. I choose Letrozole. 9mths in and 3 monthly scans showed 1. No advance of disease 2. Small reduction 3. Small growth. My CA125 Increaseed to 43 on scan number 3. My Onc calls it partial remission so I'm really thankful to Letrozole for giving me a reprieve. The side effects for me have been painful joints but it's nothing I can't put up with. I don't think Letrozole is part of standard treatment because there is no trial data for OC, I think it works for some people, my tumour was estrogen receptive which helps I think. I hope your wife responds well.

  • Thanks, my wife is also 3c but never got her CA125 below 100. Also like you it was a phase 1 trial or Letrozole, and whilst we were considering the trial, we then found out her bloods were not good enough to go on one anyway.

    Apparently they didnt do a test for ER positive/negative but hopefully either way she will get some benefits.

    Thanks and good luck.

  • Hi, i have been on letrozole since May last year after finishing my 4th line of chemo, my ca 125 has risen slowly, but not as quick as what it did the month after i finished my last chemo but i am feeling very well since i started the letrozole hope it works for your wife. jan

  • I guess your current results is what we are hoping for as a minimum, i.e on it for a while, feeling good and any CA125 rise is slower than before.

    Thanks and good luck.

  • Hello I started on Letrozole in November 2012, however last CA 125 a few weeks back is elevated again 54 now but obviously anxious in case this becomes the trend. I was originally diagnosed in April 2010 & have had two subsequent occurrences though I am not sure now that it ever really went away. 3 lines of chemotherapy, then started on Letrozole as my cancer Is estrogen receptive & this drug is an estrogen inhibitor. I just keep my fingers crossed and will try anything my Consultant suggests as the other alternative we know is where none of us want to go!

    Best Wishes to all of you, be strong & stay positive.

    Angela xx

  • My wife was diagnosed high grade serous 3c in Oct 10 and has had 4 lines, this in a sense is the last throw of the dice, well currently anyway, what we are hoping for is some stability and any CA125 rise to be slow (er) so that she can get a good break from chemo.

    If this doesnt do the trick then i guess we are back to hassling for more treatment that they dont or wont want to give....good luck and thanks

  • I. Have been on Letrozole for about five years now and my CA 125 has just started to go up it has been in the 30s for a long time but has jump to 48 to 58 to 111 then to 148 in 4 weeks. Going to Dr. On March 28 to see what's next. I have had oc since 1994! I'm afraid its back to Chemo. Twenty years is a long time, but also a blessing . I had to get an ileostomy in 2009. Its been a rough road Since then. A tumor grew around my. small intestine and the surgeon didnt sew it up good enough and it leaked, thats when they had to go back in and put on the ileostomy bag.since then I have to have fluids 3 times a week, plus I'm weaker and have to eat low fiber foods to prevent blockages due to scar tissue and adhesions in that area. I think the letrozole has kept me in partial remission for a long time.

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