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Struggling to walk round for too long

I am so glad 95% of my shopping is complete for Xmas, and my op is in 8 days time. I feel so sore walking round all I can manage now is pottering in the house and sitting down! I am getting scared what the op will show my symptoms of bad indigestion, bowel and urine issues and aching hips have been there for 2 years plus, plus the size of the cyst too, but I have no option but to face this head on.

Wednesday I will also find out if I still have a job, a restructure is happening in my dept 16 jobs for 20 of us. I am signed off sick but was asked if I was well enough to go in on Wednesday for the outcome. I have said no, I would like a phone call but now I am churning over if that is the right thing. I guess part of me is not wanting to go in thinking if I am made redundant especially with all this going on with my health I would rather be at home to receive that news than be at work. I will be devasted to lose my job and even more so to think I will need to apply for a new job once I am up to it in a few months time, assuming of course I dont need chemo.

Feeling very unsure and out of control.

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Hi Carol, this is the worst time, once the op is over you will know what your dealing, with and although my outcome was not as good as I expected, my head was in a much better place even though it was cancer as it wasnt the unknown anymore, I had indigestion, heartburn for well over a year and generally felt very unwell, I think that is just a symptom of something growing inside you that shouldnt be there, im really hopeful yours is not anything nasty, but if it is you will feel more in control here if you ever need a chat, I hope you keep your job as that will help your recovery as well, knowing you have a job to get well for:) very impressed youve done all your xmas shopping ! Only got cards and wrapping....take care Carol and relax before your op, it will all be over soon:)

Andrea x x


Thanks Andrea, you have been a great help with all your advice. I hope you enjoyed your night out? Where did you go? X x


Celtic Manor, very posh! Your welcome, anything that helps at this uncertain time, try and relax and rest so you can be strong for your op....take care

Andrea xx


Hi Carol,

Like Andrea I find it easier to deal with what I know than thinking about what might be.

Thankfully your operation isn't too far away now and you will know what the situation is and where you go from there.

It's awful that you have all the stress about possible redundancy alongside everything else.

I'm sending you a big hug and am thinking of you.


Zannah x


You have an awful lot on your plate, I'm not surprised you're feeling rough with the stress of the op, the threat of redundancy, and Christmas. Do you know it's an actual fact that for women, Christmas is the most stressful time of the year? I have a friend locked in a dreadful marriage who used to regularly have a breakdown - she was in hospital a couple of times - until her doctor realised what was going on and had a word with her husband?

Taking the redundancy issue, if you are in a union ask your rep for advice, if not, I'd draft a brief letter explaining your medical situation, enclosing a medical certificate, saying that you need to avoid stressful situations. Stress is known to cause cancer, and also to make it worse. I would then go on to ask for a written response which you can either collect or have posted to you. Alternatively, take someone who you trust with you, and face it if you can.

Employment law is complex - my husband was made redundant in the last recession and although fortunately he quickly found work again it is an extremely unpleasant experience. Some law firms offer a free initial appointment, and there is always Citizen's Advice - although they are extremely busy they will do all they can to help you if you give them a call.

After that, I'd rejoice that most of your shopping is done, sit back, and try to relax. Book yourself an appointment at the hairdresser, or some other indulgence such as a spa visit, or simply a nice trip out. After surgery, you will be in treatment, and probably unable to do things like that, although most hospitals have volunteers who do make up sessions, advise on scarves etc..

All the best, Vx


I really feel for you but not too long for you to wait now. Everything seems to have come at once for you so it's no wonder you feel so confused.

I hope all goes well with your job, one less thing to worry about.

Sending love, Jacqui xx


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