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yesterday I walked my dogs and had a lot of pressure in my ribs(sternum).it didn't help when they pull me.just had to go back to bed when I got home.slept as normal in pm and felt so tired I fell asleep again at 7pm.the same pressure today and couldn't eat dinner.sure its not bloating but could it be fluid as that would account for the abdominal weight gain.if dr thought it -phone turned off so dont get any nuisance phone calls

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Bloating can be caused by a number of things and doctors refer to the 5Fs: fluid, flatuence, fat, faeces and foetus. I think you posted recently that you had been to A&E and had an ultrasound? If there had been any fluid it would have shown up on the ultrasound


from experience no doctor has ever said any of that to me.sufferign for 2+ years and only mentioned bloating a few months ago.still cant see how that could be the answer as to why my weight has gone up so much in last 2 years.

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