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Osteoporosis - interesting abstract:

I got this from Dog Guide, a weekly online journal for GPs. No doubt one of the real GPs here can get the entire article and also explain it, but I think the abstract gives very interesting information, particularly about vitamin D.

Osteoporosis Risk Factors and Early Life-style Modifications to Decrease Disease Burden in Women; Nachtigall M, Nazem T, Nachtigall R, Goldstein S; Clinical Obstetrics and Gynecology (Oct 2013)

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Prevention of osteoporosis should begin in childhood and continue throughout adulthood. Although genetic determinants of muscle and bone mass may offer other therapeutic options in the future, currently, counseling should primarily focus on lifestyle modification including healthy dietary practices and regular exercise. Vitamin supplementation, particularly vitamin D, should be considered to enhance diet based on patient's need. Attention to estrogen status is also important. In addition, patients should be counseled regularly about cigarette cessation and avoiding moderate alcohol intake.

Best, Vicky xxx

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Molto apologies, a mishprint, I thinsk...I meant, DOC guide, not Dog guide... Vx


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