Vitamin D deficiency

Hi All, sorry to post again.. just a quick question, has anyone been diagnosed with a Vitamin D deficiency post op? having some tests at mo, and doctor left a prescription for folic acid and Ooounit tablets, (receptionist told me level was low but could not tell me figure or what my calcium level was, but said C125 ok) and unfortunately can't get a telephone appointment til next Monday to explain why this may be? Is it common does anyone know? Many Thanks Janette

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  • Hi, yes I was diagnosed with the same....not sure why they never said but I had to take a six week course of vitamin d and then have my bloods redone. They have returned to normal. Sorry I can't help more. Regards Karen

  • Thank You Karen it's so reassuring to know someone else had this too xx

  • Hi yes I was vitamin d 'deficient' after op and chemo finished. My GP wasn't unduly concerned given the area of the UK that we live in (high altitude and not the sunniest spot,) he thought many of his patients would also be. He advised that i took supplements for 8 weeks. I also had a rogue parathyroid level and the two do have a relationship- this went back to normal range. In our practice area a Vit d check can only be done once a year. Xx

  • Lol- Thank you, did look on 'Dr Google' which linked it to parathyroid and realised i was being 'paranoid' lol hence seeking the sanest and most informative answer's from those who truly know- which is all of you xx

  • Hi No

    But never apologise for posting,We all need to hear of different experiences this is how we gain a bit of comfort, that we are not alone with this disease, as we know there is so much variation in each of us.

    Hope all goes well and you get some answers.

    Regards Barbara.

  • Thank you Barbara, I dread to think where i would be without all of you on here, so relived now thanks to all of replies xxx

  • Hi Janette, I haven't had Vit D deficiency but my youngest daughter who is 28 had earlier this year. She has a 20 month old son and works full time in quite a stressful job and was feeling very tired. Bloods revealed the deficiency. She went on folic acid for 6 weeks and bloods were then re done and were back to normal. Hope this is the case for you. Good luck. Ann

  • Thank you Ann, by the sound of things this appears to not too unusual thankfully, glad your daughter ok xx

  • I should also have mentioned that she was anaemic during pregnancy but was never told she needed iron and during the birth ( 9lbs ) she sustained a 3rd degree tear and had to be taken to theatre for a repair. She lost quite a bit of blood. I'm sure the surgery followed by chemo has had a part to play in your deficiency. It delivers such a punch to our systems after all.

  • Hi. I was only recently diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency and told to take Vit D to help, The doctor at my day ward explained that as we do not get enough sunshine, that was the reason and not to worry. Mind you I did have my surgery over 3 years ago and currently on Avastin which has meant I do not get on sun holidays as often as previously. But check with your GP is you are worried. Better to ask that fret about something. Take care, Daisies

  • Thank you Daisies- think as my doctor is unable to tell me more til next monday (only time they could fit me in and that's a phone chat) i did the stupid thing (which wise Annie always warned me not to do) and googled reasons it maybe low and of course got worse case scenario lol, then gave my head a good shake and did what i should have done in first place and asked here! feel so much better now - If only 'ovacome' was available on prescription i'm sure O/C would take to it's tail and flee! lol :-) x

  • I am a melanoma patient & the consultant checks everyone's Vit D level & says that almost everyone is deficient due to our climate & diet. You may already have been deficient for a long time & not known it . Most cancer patients won't get much Vit D because they stay out of the sun (chemo etc) & even eating all the right foods (like I do) doesn't provide the right amount that the body needs to help absorb calcium etc. You are right to want more information but I wouldn't worry unduly about it.

  • Thank you so much- thanks to all the lovely replies im now not worrying half as much as i was. x

  • hi i ave a very low vit d and very high calcium level i am only on vit d tablets 1000,unit per day but i also have hyperthyroidism too which a nonoperatble at mo due to swelling round the parathyroid glands

  • the vit d is not always cause though lack of sunshine but an hormone imbalance

  • Yeah did read if calcium is high but Vit d low this could be case- can they not operate? sorry to be nosy and apologies if i'm too intrusive, but thank you so much for replying x

  • Hi, Janette.

    I was diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency following surgery (no chemo), but of course I may have been vitamin D deficient for some time beforehand. My doctor prescribed AdCal-D3, at least in part because my mother had very severe osteoporosis and we want to do what we can to prevent me developing it! I've always had plenty of calcium in my diet, but not vitamin D, and the two work best together.

    It's certainly not something you need to worry about urgently, though of course you will want to hear what your doctor recommends.

    Best wishes,


  • Thank you Barbara, I have wondered if it's likely i had it before anyway, and have considered if its because they started me on HRT patches as was warned years ago it could cause osteoporosis, hopefully the tablets will help and il get answers soon. Best wishes to you too x

  • Hi Janette, I was diagnosed with osteoporosis after my chemo and radiotherapy. I have yearly infusions and large monthly doses of vitamin D3(20,000). Bones have improved and are not as painful as they were. Hope all goes well, Linda x

  • Thank you Linda, feel so much better knowing that it could be connected to the ovarian cancer as so many lovely women (you included) have taken the time to reassure me that it seems to be and not necessarily something 'new' to worry about. So glad your treatment helping and hope all goes well for you too. Best wishes and many thanks Janette xx

  • My vit D levels were a bit low according to my cholesterol consultant and he recommended a particular brand of supplement to my GP which my GP practice had never heard of so was reluctantly prescribed some calcium based tablets that I have never actually taken. I try to spend about 15-20 mins a day outside

  • Hi there

    Vitamin d levels in an individal fluctuate throught the year...they are highest in early autumn and lowest about when the test is done is crucial. There is no evidence that any one brand of the same strength is better than another. You could buy the highest strength from a healthfood shop

    Hope all is well xx

  • Thank you Scardy cat and Charlie, yeah makes sense bout levels low at about now, got some tablets from doc so will se how they work- did wonder if could be connected to HRT patches im now on but who knows feel so much bettter just knowing not alone with this problem :-) xxx

  • Just thought you might be interested in this about vitamin D love x G x

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  • wow, Thanks Gwyn this is fascinating and really has made me think xx

  • Very long though isn't it ? I still haven't managed to listen to it right through... but I think he sounds interesting. Love x G x :-)

  • Yes, I was vit D deficient, discovered after first surgery. Has to do with the wrong fats vs right fats consumed, the sun transforms the fat from under skin and that is different depending on what fat one eats affecting the vit D production. I had to supplement it immediately. A practitioner looked at the blood under microscope and the white blood cell were in very poor condition. The walls of the white cells looked broken, then she said I need to take vit A and D for a time.

  • wow Naomi, thanks for that- supplementing mine now so hopefully should be ok soon- i reckon the 'wrong fat' around my stomach is definitely in need of some sun! lol- was so hopefully following op i'd be a bit more svelte but no such luck lol :-) xxx

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