womens together day for ovarian cancer sufferers in N. Ireland

I just wanted to inform any sufferers here in N.Ireland that target ovarian cancer are holding a together day for ovarian cancer sufferers on the 14th. november in the Holiday Inn in ormeau avenue belfast.if any one would like to attend just get in rtouch with the charity via their web site. i was giving a talk at the together day in Newcastle England and I thoroughly enjoyed just being able to meet and talk to other women like myself.it is totally free and lunch is provided.

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  • I hope the day goes well in Belfast Una. We have one in Cardiff next May. It's good to get together and a shame we're like ships passing in the night. If I weren't on chemo I'd be tempted to fly over and catch up with you all.

    Campaign for better treatment still continues here in Wales. We should compare notes. Northern Ireland and Scotland were mentioned at the end of the APPG last Wednesday with you in Ireland and Scotland ahead of us in Wakes as getting an awareness-raising campaign going. We have an article in our national paper tomorrow about patients moving to England for treatment. Will send you a link. Xxx

    Power to your elbow, love Annie

  • thanks Annie.xx

  • Thanks for letting us know Una. I'll try to go along. Anything more we can do to promote it?


  • i have been tweeting it to my followers to spread the word Linda.x

  • I am really sorry I can't attend.Would have loved to have met up.

    Anne x

  • I am of mixed race, Irish/Scottish RC. But I am with you all the way on this one. United we stand, etc. etc. etc.. I will tell you a funny story, but only in a pm. One of my best mates is ex RUC. Unbelievable, but true. All power to your elbow, tiophead ar la and all that. Forgive me, Vxxx Spelling **** at this time of night...

  • What I meant to say was, she says, now being stone cold sober etc., all power to your elbow, Una!!! Plus, I prefer to call our sorority SURVIVORS and not sufferers, because although we do whine a bit and moan and groan, and we all grieve for those who have left, despite having OC, we manage to pull through. Just a thought… Vicky xxx Jim and I had dinner and a glass of wine last night… Thank goodness for husbands/partners…

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